Past Blog Tours

Past Tours:

The Ghost Bride
by Yansze Choo
(August 4th-15th)

Aug 4th Guest Blog @ Fire & Ice
5th Character Spotlight @ Pages From My Thoughts
6th Author Interview @ The Mod Podge Bookshelf
7th Recipe Reveal @ Pieces of Whimsy
8th Character Spotlight @ Gobs and Gobs of Books 
11th Guest Blog @ A Dream Within A Dream 
12th Recipe Reveal @ Bookish Things and More 
13th Author Interview @ Bibliophelia, Please
14th Recipe Reveal @ Fantasy's Ink
15th Character Spotlight @ Addicted Readers  

Some Quiet Place 
by Kelsey Sutton
July 1st-August 4th

1st: Fear & Interview @ Icey Books
2nd: Fog @ Novel Idea Reviews
3rd: Moss @ The Book Hook-Up
4th: Longing @ Lust For Stories
5th: Greed @ Eater Of Books
6th: Joy @ Who R U Blog
7th: Winter @ Winter Haven Books

8th: Anger @ Books Beside My Bed
9th: Sorrow @ Fae Books
10th: Courage & Author Interview @ A Dream Within A Dream
11th: Guilt @ Falling 4 YA
12th: Love @ Chapter By Chapter
13th: Apprehension @ Evie Seo
14th: Relief @ Book Briefs

15th: Fall @ Little Library Muse
16th: Envy @ Best Books Ever
17th: Confusion @ Over Yonder Lit
18th: Death & Author Interview @ Reading Teen
19th: Loneliness @ Kelsey Dickson
20th: Elizabeth @ The Mod Podge Bookshelf
21st: Worry @ Book Whirl Wind

22nd Desperation @ Jessabella Reads
23rd: Joshua & Author Interview @ Hobbitsies
24th: Hope @ Reading Nook
26th: Resentment @ Book Galaxy
27th: Curiosity @ Book Haven Extraordinaire
28th The Girl in the Woods @ Two Chicks On Books

29th: Grief @ In the Best Worlds
30th: Disbelief @ Leanna
31st Regret @ Paperback Princess
1st: Grief @ Movies In My Head
2nd: Compassion @ Curling Up With A Good Book
3rd: Life & Author Interview @ Fire & Ice
4th: Villain @ The Mod Podge Bookshelf

by P.J. Hoover
Summer 2013
June 18th-30th

Team Myth:

18th Character Spotlight: Shane @ JessaBella Reads
19th Solstice Depicted @ In Bed With Books
20th Solstice: The Publishing Journey Guest Blog @ Water Color Moods
21st Setting Spotlight: Elysian Fields @ Books Beside My Bed
22nd Solstice Excerpt @ Through the Looking Glass
23rd Character Spotlight: Melina @ Evie Bookish
24th Author Interview @ Cuts of Paper
25th Author Writing Process Guest Blog @ Best Books Ever
26th 5 Inspirations @ Ruby Reads
27th Setting Spotlight: Asphodel Meadows @ A Dream Within A Dream
28th 5 Favorite Myths @ Book Swoon
29th Character Spotlight: Tanni @ Leanna

Team Dystopia:

18th Character Spotlight: Piper @ Swoony Boys Podcast
19th Solstice Depicted @ Girls in the Stacks
20th Cover Changes Guest Blog @ Gobs & Gobs of Books
21st Setting Spotlight: Botanical Haven @ Books, Bones & Buffy
22nd Excerpt @ ReadingTeen
23rd Character Spotlight: Chloe @ Paperback Princess
24th Author T-Shirt Addiction Guest Blog @ Addicted Reader
25th The Character of Names @ The Mod Podge Bookshelf
26th 5 Inspirations @ Readergirls
27th Setting Spotlight: The Drag @ The Bookish Daydreamer
28th 5 Favorite Dystopians @ Frellathon
29th Character Spotlight: Reese @ YA Midnight Reads
30th Playlist @ Reviewing Shelf

Goodbye For Now 
by Laurie Frankel
June 24th-28th

25th BookHounds
27th Fire & Ice

by Susanne Winnacker
May 13th-31st

13th Excerpt @ Alice Marvels
14th Author Interview @ Hobbitsies
15th Top Ten @ Katie's Book Blog
16th This or That @ Good Choice Reading

20th Tessa's Character Interview @ Icey Books
21st Alec's Character Interview @ Narritively Speaking
22nd This or That @ I Live For Reading
23rd Guest Blog @ Library Muse
24th Interview @ The Mod Podge Bookshelf

27th Audiobook Excerpt @ ReadingTeen
28th Top Ten @ Two Chicks on Books
29th Interview @ Presenting Lenore
30th Cover Design Spotlight @ Chapter By Chapter
31st Guest Blog @ Midnight Garden

by Janet Fox
May 8th-17th

8th The Great War @ Alice Marvel
9th Women Got the Vote! @ The Mod Podge Bookshelf
10th The Fashion Revolution @ Rebecca's Book Blog
11th NYC in 1925 @ Chapter By Chapter
12th Prohibition @ ReadingTeen
13th Gangsters, Gun Molls & Gin Joints @ Little Library Muse
14th Wall Street Bombing @ Mundie Moms
15th Calling All Ghosts @ Fire & Ice
16th And All That Jazz @ The Book Rat
17th Gatsby @ Pieces of Whimsy

The Shadow Girl
by Jennifer Archer
April 8th-19th

8th- Icey Books
10th- Page Sage
11th- ReadingTeen
14th- Book Chic
16th- Hobbitsies

The Flame in the Mist
by Kit Grindstaff
April 1st-12th

1st- Promo @ Me Myshelf & I 
2nd- Promo @ Katie’s Book Blog
3rd- Character Interview @ I Am A Reader, Not A Writer
4th- Interview @ Rebecca’s Book Blog
5th- Guest Blog @ Evie Bookish
8th- Character Interview @ A Backward’s Story
9th- Guest Blog @ Supernatural Snark
10th- Promo Post @ Hobbitsies
11th- Promo Post @ Kelsey Sutton
12th- Interview @ Steph Su
15th- Character Interview @ BookHounds YA
16th- Guest Blog @ Water Color Moods
17th- Interview @ Icey Books
18th- Deleted Scene @ Amie Corner
19th- Character Interview @ The Mod Podge Bookshelf

In the Shadow of Blackbirds
by Cat Winters
March 25th-April 6th

25th- Recreate the cover contest @ The Mod Podge Bookshelf
26th- Interview @ Icey Books
27th- This or That @ Novels News & Notes 
28th- Guest Blog @ Two Chicks on Books
29th- Interview @ Hobbitsies
30th- This or That @ Carina's Books
31st- Interview @ Book Whales
1st- Character Interview with Julius @ Read Write and Read Some More 
2nd- Guest Blog @ Mundie Moms
3rd- This or That @ Ink Skies
4th- Guest Blog @ Teen Librarian
5th- Interview @ A.L. Davroe
6th- Character Interview with Mary Shelley @ IBTeens

Victoria Rebels
by Carolyn Meyer
Feb 18th-Mar 13th

19th Interview @ WhoRu Blog
20th Interview @ The Reader's Antidote
21st Guest Blog @ Fantasy's Ink
22nd Character Interview with John Conroy @ Pages From My Thoughts
25th Guest Blog @ Bibliophilia, Please!
26th Guest Blog @ Books Beside My Bed
27th Top Ten: The Victorian Age @ Moosubi Reads
28th Interview @ Beauty But A Funny Girl
1st Interview @ Emily's Crammed Bookshelf
4th Interview @ Gobs and Gobs of Books
5th Guest Blog @ A Dream Within A Dream
6th Character Interview With Prince Albert @ I Am A Reader, Not A Writer
7th Guest Blog @ Stiletto Storytime
8th Character Interview with Fidi @ Bookcase to Heaven
11th Interview @ Movies In My Head
12th Top Ten: Victoria's Favorites @ Curling Up With A Good Book
13th Character Interview With Victoria @ The Mod Podge Bookshelf

Strands of Bronze and Gold
by Jane Nickerson
March 3rd-9th

3rd Top Ten Fashions @ The Mod Podge Bookshelf
4th Guest Blog @ The Midnight Garden
5th Top Ten @ Stories & Sweeties
6th Guest Blog @ ReadingTeen
7th Interview @ Kelsey Sutton
8th Top Ten @ Chapter By Chapter
9th Interview @ Icey Books

Exclusive Trailer Reveal Tour
In the Shadow of Blackbirds by Cat Winters
Feb. 7th-14th

8 Katie @ Mundie Moms
9 Hafsah @ Icey Books
10 Tara @ Hobbitsies
11 Andye @ ReadingTeen
12 Mary @ Bookhounds YA
14 Gabrielle Carolina @ The Mod Podge Bookshelf

Falling For You 
by Lisa Schroeder

1/1 Promo Post & Giveaway @ The Mod Podge Bookshelf
1/2 Interview & Review @ Book Chic Club
1/3 Guest Blog @ Kelsey Sutton
1/4 Review @ Mundie Moms
1/5 Promo Post @ I Am A Reader, Not A Writer
1/6 Review @ Hobbitsies
1/7 Interview @ 365 Days of Reading
1/8 Review @ Pure Imagination
1/9 Review @ Good Choice Reading
1/10 Interview & Review @ Kelsey R. Dickson
1/11 Guest Blog @ Girls in the Stacks
1/12 Review @ Reading Angel
1/14 Promo Post @ Novel Novice
1/15 Review @ Books Complete Me
1/16 Promo Post @ The Story Siren
1/17 Review @ YA Bliss 
1/18 Promo Post @ Acting Up With Books
1/19 Guest Blog @ YA Reads
1/20 Promo Post @ @ Book Hounds YA

by A.G. Howard

12/3 Mr. Dodo's House @ I Am A Reader, Not A Writer
12/4 Ivory Queen's Castle @ Reading Angel 
12/5 The Red Queen's Castle @ Krazy Book Lady
12/6 Christmas Tea Party @ Katie's Book Blog
12/7 Gifts in Wonderland @ Icey Books
12/10 Wonderland Fashion @ ReadingTeen
12/11 The Ocean of Tears & The Zombie Flower Forrest @ The Mod Podge Bookshelf
12/12 Wonderland's Historic Library @ Book Hounds YA
 12/13 Wonderland's Secrets @ Mundie Moms
12/14 The Spritelings @ Pages From My Thoughts
12/17 Butterfly Threads @ Jennifer Daiker
12/18 Visting Hour at the Asylum @ Crossroad Reviews

The Torn Wing
by Kiki Hamilton

by Wendy Delsol

9/25 Giveaway @ The Mod Podge Bookshelf
9/26 Guest Blog @ Chapter By Chapter
9/27 Review & Interview @ Coffee, Books & Me
9/28 Guest Post @ Catch the Lune
9/29 Guest Blog @ The Little Book Owl
9/30 Interview @ Bittersweet Enchantment
10/1 Review & Interview @ Moosubi
10/2 This or That @ Kindle & Me
10/4 Interview @ OMFG Books
10/5 Review @ Book Briefs
10/7 This or That @ The Busy Bibliophile
10/8 Interview & Giveaway @ I Am a Reader, Not a Writer
10/9 Review @ Stiletto Storytime

Crimson Rising: 
Skyship Academy #2 
by Nick James

9/10 This or That @ The Busy Bibliophelic 
9/11 Review @ The Readinista
9/12 Guest Blog @ Kelsey Sutton
9/13 Interview @ The Book CellarX
9/14 This or That @ Kindle & Me
9/15 Interview & ToT @ Death, Books & Tea
9/20 ToT & Giveaway @ Coffee, Books & Me
9/21 Interview @ Books, Sweets & Other Treats
9/22 Interview & Giveaway @ Fire & Ice
9/23 Shelf Envy @ Joyous Books
9/24 Giveaway @ The Mod Podge Bookshelf
9/26 Review @ A Little Bit Of R&R
9/27 Guest Blog @ The Book Smugglers
9/28 Guest Blog & Giveaway @ I Am A Reader, Not A Writer

Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone 
by Kat Rosenfield

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