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Blog Tour: The Flame in the Mist Character Interview with Jemma

Today I'm interviewing Kit Grindstaff's girl, Jemma, from The Flame in the Mist as part of Mod Podge Blog Tours!

GC: Hello, Jemma, and welcome! It’s great to meet you. I must say your hair is way more red than I imagined—I’ve never seen any quite that color and I consider myself a conessiour of redheads. ; ) 

Jemma: *Laughs shyly* Um, thank you. A little boy out on the street just now pointed at me and said it looked as though my head was on fire. The girl with him apologized, but I told her I’m used to it. 

GC: And your eyes… *leans in closer* It’s really true that they’re the color of the ocean! They're even bluer than mine! 

Jemma: That’s what I’ve heard. I wouldn’t know, I’ve never seen it- the ocean, except in my dreams. And Marsh described it to me too, in the stories she’s told me for as long as I can remember. I’d like to go there someday. 

GC: Marsh was the nursemaid at Agromond Castle who looked after you when you were little, right? You and—Eek! A rat!

*a furry, golden rat scuttles around Gabrielle Carolina's feet*

Jemma: Noodle! I told you and Pie to stay in my pockets…

Sorry, Gabrielle, I know some people don’t like—Ouch, rattus! Why are you nibbling my fingers like that? You like her? Well, yes, she seems very nice, I know, but…What? Oh. Alright, I’ll tell her. He says he and Pie can hear you singing in their heads, and that your voice sounds lovely. Not like anything we’ve ever heard. 

GC: They can hear my singing... in their heads? YOU CAN UNDERSTAND THAT THEY CAN HEAR MY SINGING IN THEIR HEADS?! 

Jemma: Oh, hello, Pie. You too, hmm? You should really go back into my pockets, both of you, and not bother Gabrielle.

GC: That’s all right. They are kind of cute…if...uh... startling?

Jemma: (Smiling). Everyone gets used to them in the end. Would you like to hold them? 

GC: NO! I mean, no thanks, that’s fine. So, let’s talk a little more about you. You’re very small, if you don’t mind me saying so- do you consider than an adventuring advantage, or an adversity? 

Jemma: I’ve always been small for my age and it is useful sometimes. Like when I’d be down in the kitchens or dungeons and They would come looking for me. There was this crevice behind one of the shelves in the Corridor of Pickles where I used to hide. They could never find me there. 

*Grinning, Jemma's hand closes around the pendant dangling from her neck. Aqua light dances between her fingers.*

GC: I see you’re wearing your Stone. It matches your eyes perfectly! How does its magic work?

Jemma: How? I don’t really know. I just feel it. It’s like…when I hold it, some kind of energy starts flowing through the top of my head, and if I focus properly I can use that energy for healing, or to make myself feel stronger, or whatever I choose. My Vision shows me what’s needed—your foot, for example….*Her eyes glaze* 

You hurt it recently…You…you went outside…Something to do with cats…and trod on something sharp—Ouch! It’s almost better now…*She seems to shimmer, then suddenly appears alert again* If I’d been there I could have healed it right away!

GC: Really? Just like that? *snaps* Amazing! I did step on a nail recently- while trying to make sure my stupid cats, Cleopatra and Hobbes hadn't mauled each other. You looked almost…like there was light around you, or something. Could you hurt someone as well, if you wanted to?

Jemma: Oh, no! I mean, yes, I could, but I wouldn’t want to. That would be sorcery.

GC: There’s a difference between magic and sorcery?

Jemma: Well…yes and no. Magic is the power, if you like. But it’s how you use it that matters. 

Sorcery is using it for your own ends, you see, without regard for anyone else. That makes it black magic—part of the Dark Arts, when it’s usually turned against others. Like what the Agromonds do. 

Take Shade, for example…(Her eyes haze again.) She was talking to someone a few days ago…Mary, was it? Something to do with dogs…a kind of hound? And…Sprites! Shade shot a Dromfell through her wall! It made quite a hole. 

GC: I heard about that! Yes, that was Mary over at YA BookHounds. By the by, I couldn’t help noticing how Noodle and Pie’s fur went all spikey a moment ago, when you mentioned the Agromonds. And now they’re doing it again! Ooh, they really don’t like them, do they? How about if I mention Digby? Oh, look! Their eyes lit up, just like rubies! And…are they smiling? It looks like they’re smiling! That really is adorbs.

Jemma: Adorbs…?

GC: Sorry, adorable. Our modern way of talking. I couldn’t help noticing your eyes got a little brighter too, Jemma, when I said Digby’s name.... 

Jemma: What? *leans her ear to her pocket* Sorry, Gabrielle, Noodle and Pie are trying to tell me something…Really? Oh. Apparently we have a healing to do. I’d love to stay longer, but we’ve got to go. 

GC: Aw, shame. I’ve really enjoyed talking to you. Thanks so much for coming along. 

Jemma: I really enjoyed it too! It made me feel like I was celebrating something. Like...I don’t know, is there a gathering later? I feel like there’s going to be a gathering. Oh well.

GC: Just one last thing before you go. Can I…I mean, do you think Noodle and Pie would mind if…?

Jemma: They would love it if you tickled their ears! There…you see, they’re not so bad, are they? Come on, Rattusses, let’s be off. ’Bye, then, Gabrielle. I hope I’ll see you again some day. 

GC: The rattusses aren't so bad. And yes, I hope I’ll see you again too. Goodbye, Jemma. And good luck with— 

*I look up, but she's gone. But my tingling hands make me wonder... where might I find some magical golden rats of my own?*

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