Friday, February 11, 2011

The Clearing

The Clearing: A Novel by Heather Davis

True Love is Timeless...

My review:

I think everyone should love this novel, but I’m not sure it is for everyone. I read it in one sitting, I am obviously smitten. This is going to be a rave review that doesn’t give away too much (I hope). This book is for readers who can accept obscure plot points because, the book revolves around time displacement, and those who know that true love is worth sacrifice. If you are a contemp reader *only*, skip over this one. I would rather have you enjoy another book than not enjoy this book.

This book goes past being a marvelous novel in my mind, I love the story, the idea’s Davis throws out, the way Henry loves Amy and Amy’s back story felt vivid and true. I felt this was possible, that while I read I passed out of time and the impossible became perfection. There is so much unspoken and subtle depth! Amy is the ultimate girl next door, and Henry is the boy we all want. I wish I could go back in time to meet 'the one,' boys back then had such manners!

They are by no means a “perfect” couple, this book is about sacrifice and how the greatest sacrifices are the ones you make for those you love. This book clears the cliche test with flying colors!

Notes on the Names: For the first time I loved the name Amy! I know, crazy, cat, crazy! I think it’s because Amy was such an unusual name in Henry’s time, it became exotic, even to a modern-day reader! I love Henry, but I kept wanting to call him Tom, or Tommy, he seemed like more of a Tom to me.

Thoughts on the Cover: You come to love it more once you read it. I really want swag associated with this book, I bet the bookmarks are to die for!

I cast this one, because I saw them!

Anna Kendrick as Amy

David Henrie as Henry

Mark Salling as Jackson

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Unknown said...

An interesting review. Not usually the kind of book I'd go for, but your review does offer a bit of enticement to give it a chance should I come across it.