Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ask Aphrodite! Again!

Welcome to the Mod Podge Bookshelf's newest feature, Ask Aphrodite where you ask the questions and I hand over the reigns to the goddess of love herself... or so she would have you believe!

Which of the goddesses has the biggest beef with you and why? Who do you hate most? -Signed, Curious

Dear Curious,

Tumblr_l0nhkljwkq1qbrfzio1_r1_500_largeI would have to say Hera and Athena envy me most, because they're sadly lacking and I am pure hotness defined. Like seriously, who do you want to worship? Goddess of Wisdom? Goddess of War? Hardly! Goddess of Love is where it's at, right? You can see why they hate me, since I'm all curvy deliciousness and they're stern, sad, catty creatures.

Dr. Aphrodite

Are Love and Desire two opposite feelings? -Anon.

Dear Anon,

20090207031258My, how fascinating. I must say I'm curious about the genesis of this enigmatic question, you coy and secretive thing. The short answer is no, they're not opposites, they're flip sides of the same coin. They're peanut butter and chocolate, the stars and the moon. When they exist alone, they're not bad, but when they're brought together, shazam! Nothing can beat that double-whammy.

Here's to the best of both worlds!

Dr. Aphrodite

Emotional-photography16_largeIs it better to have free access to a person we love, but that does not fully return our love, or to be perfectly loved by someone who is not free to see us? -Anon.

Dear Anon,

Aren't you the mysterious one, my darling Anon? And challenging, too! This question has me consulting my Guide to All Things Love Related. (I used to drag it around with me in the form of a dusty tome, but now it's a really cool app on my iPhone.) Anyway, it says here under "Perfect Love/Access to" that the answer lies in your heart. Pshaw! That's a bit of a rip off, isn't it? I may have to try a new app. I'll shun technology for now and go with my gut. I'd take the perfect love with extremely limited access. It would provide you with ever so much material for swoony love poems and hours of romantic pining as well as deep, tragic soul-searching. For real.

Sincerely yours,
Dr. Aphrodite

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