Friday, August 31, 2012

The Twitter Novel: A Literary Look at the Numbers Game

You say you cannot write a book.

You say it seems overwhelming.

You hear words and acronyms thrown around casually, wordcount, WPM, WIP. 

You see the numbers 70K, 85K, 90K and you cower.

You do not write a book.

You go on Twitter instead.

In fact, you go on Twitter once a day for something like 25 minutes a day, and you tweet twelve wonderfully witty 140 character messages in those 25 minutes before picking up a book someone else had the tenacity to write.

You do this every day for a year.

You spend 9,125 Minutes on Twitter in that year, which is just over 152 hours.

You write 1,680 characters a day, for a grand total of 613,200 characters a year.

Yes, you are reading those numbers correctly.

The average amount of characters in a single word of the English language is 4.5

So you write approximately 373 words everyday and approx. 136,266 words a year.

The average Middle Grade novel is between 50-65K

The average Young Adult novel is about 70-90K

The average Adult novel is 85K and up.

So you could write an adult novel and a middle grade novel, two young adult novels, even a YA and an adult using the same Twitter-Novel approach that you put forward by just talking about other peoples books everyday for a year.

If you're daunted by a numbers game you don't need to be playing, be comforted by my tidy sums and get to writing!

Start today!