Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mod Podge Thoughts (14)


by Rachel Hartman

Thot: Everyone loves this book and I'm sorry I did not, but Seraphina and I did not mix. First of all the pacing was so, so slow, I'm surprised I didn't give up halfway as I usually would, but we are talking about dragons here. I love me some literary dragons. Secondly, I never felt like the threat was confirmed, or the repercussions presented clearly. I know who the bad guy was, but what was he trying to do again? Don't ask me. 

Q: From the query letter and first ten pages I would have requested a full, but would have passed on this project.

Strands of Bronze & Gold

by Jane Nickerson

Thot: This 2013 debut is one to watch for! I can't really give a full review when the publication date is so far out, but you all need to add this novel to your TBRs!

Q: Full request followed by enthusiastic offer of representation!

A is For Atticus

by Lorilee Craker

Thot: This is the baby name book for every literature lover.

A Room With a View

by E.M. Forester

Thot: A Room With a View is one of my favorite films and I'm ashamed to admit I didn't know it was a book, but the moment I learned that information I bought my copy! It did not disappoint and I am just as in love with George Emerson in print as I am in film.

Q: It seems a bit odd to comment on a classic. I would never have had the chance to represent this novel, but I can tell you I would have had the utmost enthusiasm for the "project!" 

The Ruins of Lace

by Iris Anthony

Thot: This book was stocked with potential, and I read it in one sitting, completely enjoying each and every point of view, woven together like lace itself, but then, that ending. Oh, that ending. It sort of ruined things for me. It was way too abrupt, and almost reminded me of how the book should end, if the book was, you know, a soap opera. 

Q: I would have requested a full. And up until that last chapter I would have thought seriously about representation. Perhaps I would have asked for revisions, but I don't know. I doubt I've ever been more let down by a novel's conclusion.

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