Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Independent Book Blogger Awards (Vote MPB!)

I have some awesome readers. 

Week by week I am met with Twitter love, Facebook love, e-mails of adoration and the best comments on both this blog and my Youtube channel.

It is because of y'alls constant awesome that I am not going to bribe, or buy you. 

Goodreads is hosting an Internet award called IBBA, or the Independent Book Bloggers Awards. MPB is in the running along with some other fabulous bloggers. 

If you feel The Mod Podge Bookshelf deserves this acclaim, please GO HERE and use one of your four votes for MPB. (You can also find the ad over here ---->)

I will only promise more awesome content for my awesome readers. 

If you feel that means I should be the reigning Independent Book Blogger, then please vote.

Hey, have I told you you're awesome today?

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