Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dear Cute Boy

Dear Cute Boy Who Works at the Bookstore,

I do not know your name; you don't know mine. I didn't initiate a trading of such important information when we met. Why? I don't know. I should have, would have, were it not for you being something close to my dream guy.

You're not handsome in a traditional sense. You have red hair to begin with, you wear nerdy glasses, and you're a touch on the skinny side. 

(For the sake of this letter, and its intended purpose, we will pretend two of the three aren't perfect in my eyes.) You probably know very little about that game that was played on that night with the ball and those people. However, I would venture a guess that you know a little something about Shakespeare and maybe you've read The Princess Bride. You have green eyes, which would have been enough to do me in no matter where we were, but we were in a book store and you were ringing me up. 

Tumblr_lusdabks0s1r65uwlo1_500_largeI had a lot of books; of course I did! 

It took a while to checkout.

 I wish I had just happened to wander in, chosen a singular title and had the chance to carry on a quick, decent three question conversation. 


I spoke so nonsensically I had to give myself a verbal lashing afterwards. Honestly I'm still berating myself. Yes, I see the irony in that. I don't even know what I talked about, but you laughed a couple of times. I am assuming this was at me and not with me as I am 100% certain that what I said wasn't funny, though completely amusing. On the off chance you were having a similarly smitten moment, therefor laughing at my "jokes" to impress me, I seriously question your taste in bookish girls. Usually I'm charming, witty, slightly flirty and I always, always have something to say about the written word. Except when I'm around you.

4584514892_c2b583e9a0_z_largeIf a girl comes up to you carrying Browning, and Rilke and Plath, and Dickinson and Love in the Time of Cholera then it is safe to assume that this girl has a very clear grasp on the English language and if she just can't pull it off then she is either an impostor, or falling for you. You, with your black-rimmed glasses and your hands that hold the books all day.

Now, the chances of you reading this are slim to none, and even if you did read it, well, would you know it was you?

Probably not.

So I guess this goes out to all the guys who work in bookstores and handle books all day long. 

You are so sexy to us girls who want nothing more than to spend hours walking the rows, waiting for that hidden gem to make itself known and speak to us like we want to speak to you.

Moral of the story, oh Cute Boys in Bookstores world-wide, is that we may read about Edward Cullen... 

but we want you to be a part of our own stories.


The Girl with the Books and the Tied Tongue


jennachristy said...

gush! true or not, i agree with this article! :)

Sarah (The Book Life) said...

This is excellent! I also feel this way about cute boys who work in coffee shops :0)

martha campos said...

Oh the cute boys and their bookstores they work in!

Ash said...

I hope he sees this.

I always got tongue-tied around bookstore boys too...there is just something about them.

Beautifully written post. :]

Melissa said...

I LOVED this post! I was a girl who worked in a bookstore, who used to constantly examine cute boys and the books that they were buying, looking for something that we might have in common based on the titles they were purchasing. Then, one day, an exceptionally cute boy walked into the store, looking for a book about cats. Five years later, he proposed to me in the very same spot that he had asked me out .... and eight years later we're happily married and love curling up together on the couch and reading! Love really can happen in the aisles of a bookstore -- so maybe you should take a leap of faith!

Angie Faulkner said...

*Le sigh* I really should be checking out boys in book stores!

MacAddictAngie said...

*Le sigh* I really should be paying attention to boys in book stores!

MacAddictAngie said...

*Le sigh* I really should be paying attention to boys in book stores!

Pabkins said...

You should have so gone for it! Or stalk the book store til you see him again and then actually talk to him this time! My best friend used to work in the book store. This certain fella would come in quite often and buy books from her and get recommendations on books, he finally asked her out - fast forward 7 years and they are married, 11 years later and they are still together and still as smitten. GO FOR IT!!!