Friday, April 27, 2012

ModPodge Prints and Portraits by Messenger Photography!

Have you ever been scared to launch something? 

A blog?

A Youtube channel?

A Novel?

The Querying Process for that Novel?

A Photography Company? 

Well, until very recently I had ticked those top four off while the fifth remained rather daunting. 

I've been a photographer longer than I have been a blogger, or even a writer, and yet I was most afraid to put my photography out there.


I don't know, really. 

I can tell you that without a camera in my hands, or without a print in front of me, I can forget I do actually know what I'm doing and that I am actually good at it.

But that's all changed now! 

Not only am I offering six ModPodge Prints on my Etsy shop, Messenger Photography for purchase, I am also going to start shooting people for a living! 

Erm, I mean, I'm going to take headshots for authors, bloggers and industry professionals, you know, if you want to hire me for that sort of thing... I promise, the only thing in my camera bag is an extra lens or two! 

Please go check out my Etsy Shop to learn more about purchasing prints and reserving time during BEA for your portrait sitting! 


Dea S. said...

Wow, those are five of the things I want to do with my life! And so far I've only done the first one, which is putting up a blog. I've always wanted to be an author and hopefully someday I will be. And my parents just recently bought me a camera for my 17th birthday. I'm starting to learn the basics and get better with it.
Anyway, congrats and good luck! :)

Emily White said...

I'm so excited about meeting you in NYC! But I expect you to work wonders. :P I'm not photogenic at all. :)

Shannon@BooksDevoured said...

Awesome! I am so excited for you!! I wish you great success with you business!! Love the name too!