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Today is 11-11-11 and I posted this review at 11:11 in the morning! 

Make a wish! Make 11 of them!

- Gabrielle Carolina

Title: Clarity

Author: Kim Harrington

Publisher: Point Books

Pages: 242

Read Time: 1 Day

Tag Words: Mystery, psychics, murders, living in a tourist town, interesting love triangle, beach, 2011 Debut Author, gorgeous covers

My Summary:

Clarity Fern lives in a small town in Maine where she is the town freak. She is psychic, and her gifts come in handy with a murderer on the loose! 

My Review:

Clarity was exactly what I needed during a minor reading slump. It was quick, it was intriguing, and Clarity Fern is an addicting character. If she and Emerson Cole of Hourglass were real, they would be best friends. If they were real, and best friends, I would be their groupie!

I'd be all, "So Clare, see any hot guys in my future?"

And she'd be all, "Gabrielle! For the last time, I cannot see the future."

"Hmmm," I would murmur before turning to Emerson for assistance. "Em?"

She'd roll her eyes at me before speed dialing Michael. "Hey baby, so we need to create a portal. Mmhmm. Did he? Really! Wow. I'll tell her."

She would tap the off button and drop the phone to the table. Grinning she would taunt me with a cryptic, "Michael is not interested in creating a portal just so we can tell you about your relationship like a tabloid, G. But guess who said they'd be willing to distract you from the idea?"

"Who?!" I'd shout just as Clare let out a yelp, dropping Em's cell, which she had been mindlessly toying with.

"What?" Emerson and I would ask.

"Em," she'd begin, "Keep your late night phone calls to yourself!"

Emerson's grin would split her face. Lucky girl.

"Who said they'd be willing to distract me?" I would bounce in my seat.

"Gabriel, but your names are too similar. Oh, wait, that question wasn't directed at me, was it?" Clare would ask, guilt written all over her face.

"What is it with you and the bad boys?" Emerson would joke.

"Which bad boys?"

"Only time will tell," they would both say. Annoying.

It really sucks having friends with more insight than you.

...What? I'm not reviewing the book? Oh, yeah... I'm not. Well.


There's nothing like a good who-done-it, and this book kept me changing my guess the entire way through.

I won't say it was perfect. There were some points that felt slightly contrived, and others that fell flat, but still, when you're in need of a read and not sure what to choose, pick up Clarity to get you pumped for fun YA!

Notes on the Names:

Clarity Fern has the coolest name ever. I don't care if she thinks it's weird. It's better than poor Perry, whose full name is Periwinkle. 

Thoughts on the Cover:

THESE COVERS! I LURVE THESE COVERS. sorry for the shouty capitals. I MEANT EVERY ONE!

By covers I mean the sequel, of course, called Perception, but also the PAPERBACK i couldn't help myself of Clarity! Check it out! 

Parental Book Review *spoilers*

A la ReadingTeen, thanks sweeties!

Sexual Content:
The fact that Clarity's brother, Perry, sleeps around with a lot of girls is a huge factor in this book.
Clarity sees visions when she touches objects, and when she held a man's cell phone she mentioned that he was boinking his secretary.
Clarity broke up with her ex-boyfriend because (he was told) he went "all the way" with another girl after getting so drunk he couldn't remember it.
Clarity mentions that she hadn't slept with her ex because she wasn't ready and that he said he'd wait.
Clarity's brother mentions that he had sex with the murdered girl in her hotel room before she was killed.
When Clarity visits the hotel room where the girl was murdered, she has indistinct flashes of people having sex (no details).
Clarity has a vision of Perry and the victim having sex (no details).
Clarity and Gabriel kiss.
A man made a peep hole in the floor of his hotel room so he could watch the bed of the room below.
Clarity says her mom let her go up to her room with Gabriel and Justin, "She knew I wasn't going to have an orgy in my room."
Two boys harass Clarity, one says, "Touch my di** and tell me where its been."  She replies, "Easy, it was in Cody's (the other boy) mom."

7 Hell
9 Damn
4 Bit**
5 A**
Some slurs like "Go screw yourself" "douchebag" "pissed off"

Girls bully Clarity, call her names (freak). She pours a soda over one of them.
An 18-year-old tourist is shot in the head.  Clarity helps to solve the crime, so there is some mention of her body angle and where she was and what happened.
A young man is shot in the head.  Some mention of his body in his truck and what may have happened to him.
A girl's body washes up on the shore.  She had been strangled.  Some mention of what her body looked like.  Clarity has a flash of her being strangled.

Other Notables:
Mention of Justin getting so wasted at a party that he couldn't remember what he had done.
A boy that Clarity knows from school gets drunk a couple of times and causes trouble.