Thursday, November 10, 2011

Darkness Becomes Her (ARC)

Title: Darkness Becomes Her

Author: Kelly Keaton

Publisher: Simon Pulse

Pages: 288

Read Time: Two Days 

Tag Words: Vampires, dystopia, Greek myths, Athena, Perseus, Medusa, ghosts, snakes, adventure, New Orleans, voodoo, witchcraft, insta-love, 2011 Debut Author

My Summary:

Inside the walls of New 2, the city formerly known as New Orleans, secrets are lurking.

Ari will be stopped by nothing to unearth those secrets. Not vampires, sword-wielding assassins, vindictive Greek goddesses, or a brooding boy with a beautiful body.

My Review:
Keaton did everything wrong in this book. I really should be writing a scathing review, but I can't.

This book was fun. It's everything I hate; bi-polar plots, insta-love with a sulky dark-haired boy who barely says five words the entire plot, witchcraft and vampires, just because.

I should hate it, and yet I am looking forward to book two. Maybe it's the pace of the story, which clips along without looking back to circle around redundancy. Maybe it's the character of Ari and how she does the opposite of the stereotypical heroine. Maybe it's that I was so caught up in the myriad of myths, creatures and the innovative dystopian setting that I missed the big secret, and got to experience surprise where I would normally have seen the reveal coming a mile away.

No matter the why, Darkness Becomes Her was a read I won't recommend, but I know you'll all love for some reason, or another.

Notes on the Names:

Aristanae! That is so pretty. Of course, she shortens it to just Ari. Stupid girl. Would it have killed her to go by Arista?

Thoughts on the Cover:

I'd rather talk about the sequel cover, which looked perfect next to this ghostly gate, and is now another snake braid. I'm seeing a trend.

Parental Book Review *spoilers*

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