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Title: Hourglass

Author: Myra Mcentire

Publisher: EgmontUSA

Pages: 400

Read Time: 3 Days 

Tag Words: Time traveling, seeing the past, seeing the future, going crazy, good versus evil, falling in love, love triangle, sacrifice, 2011 debut author challenge, cover lover, best I've read 2011

My Summary:

Emerson Cole sees things that aren't there because she's crazy. She's had the visions ever since the accident that claimed her parents life, leaving her orphaned, but for her older brother and his wife. 

When Michael Weaver enters her present, claiming he can help her overcome her past, her entire future is changed in an instant. 

But there are mysteries surrounding The Hourglass, the secret organization Michael works for, and no one knows how deeply the corruption has gone. Only Emerson and Michael hold the key to unlocking the secrets of the past, but in a race against time, who can win?

My Review:
I loved it, I loved it, I la-la-la-la-loved it! I have been hearing since this book since BEA (where I got my loverly Poster of the freaking fantastic cover!) When people tried to tell me about the book I just stopped them and said, "You had me at time travel." 

Can I explain to you how fascinating time travel is to me? It's fascinating. Anything involving "seering" whether physically, or mentally is my favorite. If I could become a mutant, it would be my ability. I. Love. Da' Future! And the past. The present it cool and all, but wouldn't it be amazing to just bottle up time for yourself and hold it like a secret? Not in a power-mongering way, but in a sacred way. 

It's a good thing one of my future #WIPs has a lot to do with time travel and alternate realities, yes? 

However, that's all very besides the point of this review, but honestly I needed fun filler. There's nothing much I can say about the book other than I loved it! It was all so well done and I can't even complain about how annoying it was that Mcentire kept allowing Michael to pull away during sexy times, because she bloody freaking gave us Kaleb and dude. He had me as "distractions."

This is a book I feel 100% wonderful about recommending this book to any and everyone! I don't often say that. 
Emerson Rose Tenney Actress Teri Hatcher and daughter Emerson Rose Tenney attend Dream Halloween, the annual fundraising event benefiting the Children Affected by AIDS Foundation, at Barker Hanger on October 27, 2007 in Santa Monica, California.
Hatcher & daughter Emerson Rose

Notes on the Names:

Emerson Cole sounds distinctly masculine, but boys names on girls, is a trend continuously picking up steam.

When Teri Hatcher named her daughter Emerson, she may have shocked many, but someone must have liked it besides Mcentire. This '-son' name has been given over almost entirely to the girls!

Thoughts on the Cover:

I remember when Twitter exploded with feelings of, "I'm creeped out," after Mcentire's cover was released. I still look at it and shiver.

Read more of my thoughts in this Cover Lover post!

Parental Book Review *spoilers*

A La Reading Teen, thanks chickies!

Sexual Content:
Emerson wears a somewhat revealing outfit to impress Michael.
Emerson and Kaleb come close to kissing.
Emerson and Michael kiss multiple times, passionately, but without a lot of details.
A man and a woman are overheard "making out" and a zipper is heard unzipping, but it is immediately zipped back up.

13 Damn
11 A**
8 Hell
1 Bit**
1 Incomplete Sh-

Emerson's parents were in a bad accident and were killed.
A woman holds a gun to Emerson and Michael's heads and shoots Michael, grazing his neck.
A man threatens Emerson with horrible memories.

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LisaILJ said...

great review as always. I have been meaning to read this one, but I just haven't gotten around to it. I will make it a priority in 2012.