Thursday, September 8, 2011

Winners, and a New Contest!


If I know you, and I think I do, you want more books, no, you need more books, and you will take the necessary steps to attain the ability to buy more books!

Books Books Books Books Books Books Books Books

I have a lovely way for you to do just that, sponsored by Crimson Oak Publishing and the book Ladybird, Ladybird by Abra Ebner.

If you follow this link it will take you to a page where you can win a Fifty Dollar American Express Card! On the form you can list your referral, and if you say that The Mod Podge Bookshelf sent you, and comment on this post, you will be entered to win a signed Anastasia Hopcus poster for her book, Shadow Hills.

If you tweet the following, you will gain an extra entry for the signed poster!

CONTEST: Win a 50$ American Express Card, and a poster signed by Anastasia Hopcus! @modpodgebooks RT!

Both contests end on September 23rd, at 11:59 PM EST.

The winner of the last contest is: 

Pretty Deadly Reviews


vlaw said...

Just entered the contest. The book sounds pretty interesting!

Mare/TommyGirl said...

Thanks for the head's up. I entered and used you as my reference.

Anonymous said...

WANTING! Thank you so much!


Kendra said...

Thanks for the giveaway info. I entered and referenced you as the referral. :)

SiNn said...

I posted on twitter great contest I mentioned you!/Bainesgoddess/status/113059365447143424

Rita M said...

Entered the contest & told them you sent me!

Khyla said...