Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Where She Went: I got it

Where She Went

Author: Gayle Forman

Publisher: Dutton Juvenile

Pages: 264

Read Time: 2 Days

Tag Words: If I Stay, Challenge, New York City, Fame, Music, Love, Facing the truth, moving on, Adam and Mia

My Summary:

It’s been years since the accident that took Mia’s whole family and left Mia behind.

Adam promised her that if she stayed he would let her go and she listened.

Now Adam is in New York City for one night, a famous rockstar about to headline a tour he doesn’t want to be involved in, when he sees Mia again for the first time.

Can Adam find out Where She Went?

My Review:

I never understood the draw to If I Stay. I cry at sappy Hallmark commercials and yet If I Stay didn’t make me shed a single tear. I still can’t pinpoint why I felt so passe about the YA favorite, but in my review I challenged Gayle Forman to show me Where She Went.

Guess what?

I “Got” it.

Adam’s voice was where it was at for me, I connected to him far more than I connected to Mia and I wanted to be inside his head, even if the boy did swear like an angry sailor.

If I Stay was the prelude to this, the story that was always trying to be told. I love it, go read it, go find out Where She Went.

Notes on the Names:

Mia’s family friends are mentioned again and I was struck by what an amazing family-set they were for names:

Henry, Willow, Beatrix and Theo! I love it!

Thoughts on the Cover:

It is so beautiful, I love this cover so much! I also love this cover:

Parental Book Review *spoilers*

Sexual Content:


Two attempted sex scenes are remembered from during Mia’s recovery, both times end in emotional pain.

Adam hooks up with many groupies after Mia lets him go.

One present-day sex scene.


Very Heavy

H- 15
S- 22
F- 10
D- 10
A- 16
Christ- 1
Jesus- 1



Other Notables:

Adam is on anti-anxiety pills.


Bellamay said...

awesome review :D I can't wait to read it haha but I cried reading If I stay lol it wasn't sobs but a teear here and there lol

Bookish Brunette said...

I haven't gotten Where she Went Yet... I'm still trying to get over If I Stay!