Monday, June 13, 2011

Anna and the French (Chocolate) Kiss

Anna and the French Kiss
Author: Stephanie Perkins
Publisher: Dutton
Pages: 372
Read Time: Two Sittings
Tag Words: Paris, Boarding school, British Boyfriends, true love, nicknames, food, friendship troubles, life crisis, kisses, movies
My Summary:
Anna is being shipped off to French boarding school for a whole year, and while most girls would pack up willingly, most girls aren’t Anna. 
Anna had everything going for her in Hotlanta, and as nice as Paris sounds in theory, living in the city all by her lonesome is a whole other ballgame. 
Luckily Anna captures the attention of one Etienne St. Clair, the British boy every American girl wants.
Can she capture his heart, as well? 

My Review:
This book is like chocolate, except it won’t make your hips bigger. 
Can that be all I write? Seriously, there is nothing more perfect than calorie-free chocolate! This book is that perfect. 
I got to go to France for the first time in my life while reading Anna and the French Kiss. I am almost worried Paris will not live up to the standards Perkins has set for the city of love. When I closed the cover I felt like my plane had touched down on American soil, luckily my return ticket will be very cheap, and there will be a return trip. 
Thank God for goodreads, or else I would have put this one on my “fluffy books” list and never picked it up. Ironically it was even less fluffy than I was expecting after hearing the first 100 five-star reviews. I really felt like the characters were my best friends and I fell in love with Etienne and Anna chapter by chapter, they are the couple you love to love.  
Anna has heart, wit, beauty and France. 

See? Chocolate, guilt-free chocolate kisses. Kisses? Kisses...
Notes on the Names: 
When I met Stephanie Perkins I asked “Why Anna, Lola & Isla?” 
Her response:
“Because I think they’re pretty.”

Thoughts on the Cover:
I don’t not like the cover, wow, that was a lot of double negatives. I don’t love the cover, but there is nothing "wrong" with it. Well, maybe a tad more Etienne would have been nice, the angle feels weird when you get it in front of you. #NitPickiness
The models are the best part, Anna, minus stripe, looks like your average Beautiful American and that hand... that is so Etienne’s hand. I think they're perfect! Not digging the backdrop so much, though. 

Is it just me, or do these two look like Anna & Etienne?!

Parental Book Review *spoilers*

Sexual Content:


    -A girl bullies Anna, but her friends stick up for her.
    -Anna punches a girl who won't stop saying horrible things about her friends
    -St. Clair punches a guy who calls Anna a name.

Other Notable Content:
-The legal drinking age in France is 16, so the teens drink but it isn't illegal.  
-After finding out some difficult news, St. Clair and his friend get so drunk they pass out and throw up.
-On Anna's birthday, her friends take her to a club where she drinks so much she throws up and has a hangover the next day.
-Mention of a boy being expelled from school for having Coke.

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