Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm hot, then I'm cold

If I Stay

After her family is in a tragic, and fatal, car accident Mia must decide if she should stay…

My review:

Alright, I think I am the only person on the face of the YA literary world that is not head over heels in love with If I Stay by Gayle Freeman, that doesn’t mean I think it’s a bad book, or that it’s an audacity it got published, on the contrary, I really don’t understand why I have such cool feelings, but I do and stand by them.

One of my inklings as to why I’m not in love with the book is that the love story written in past tense really didn’t give me a magnetic pull as to why she felt she wanted to stick around for him. In fact that’s why I’m itching for Where She Went, the sequel that is being released with great hype this coming spring. Adam and Mia broke up and I think hearing Mia’s voice in the present, in the world will be a great eye-opener for a skeptic reader like myself. I really want to find out where she went, because I felt as though she was reserved and far away from herself and her heart in If I Stay.

So basically I’m throwing down a gauntlet, Mrs. Forman, can you make me understand Where She Went?

Thoughts on the covers: All the covers are great! I mean they aren’t a fairytale, but then, they aren’t suppose to be, right? My only problem is the lock of hair that cuts it’s path right across the model’s nose! I felt like, had that bold line been diminished, the look would have been a bit more lost and otherworldly. I really hope the ARC cover for Where She Went sticks, I think it’s s’marvelous, alive, where this one is dead (in a good way!)

Thoughts on the names: Nothing stood out to me, but I kept thinking Mia was a rather bold choice, since Amelia ‘Mia’ Thermopolis dominating the Princess Diaries series in years past.

Other notes: Not at all sure why it will “…appeal to fans of Stephenie Meyers, Twilight,” but okay.

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