Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Bi-Polar Book

Lipstick Apology by Jennifer Jabaley

When Emily’s parents plane crashes only two things are recovered at the scene- the little black box and her mother’s tray table, written in lipstick are the words, “Emily, please forgive me.”

My Review:

Alright, this is a bad review, so if you are intent to read this one, or if you have read it and think it’s the bees knees, maybe skip this review.

I have nicknamed Lipstick Apology the “bi-polar book.”

Unfortunately the author couldn’t decide if she wanted a classic girl in the city, gay best friend, popular girls, private school, bad betting boy, new hair cut cliché coming of age novel or if she wanted Emily to feel the weight of her mother’s final words hanging over her everyday. So she flip-flopped, had Emily have a nervous breakdown a few times, but then put her in a cheerleading costume so she could “move on” only three months after both parents were lost in a freak accident and her life turned on it’s axis. This book needed to be medicated almost as much as Emily did. I stuck it out for a while, though the pacing was painfully slow and the story was going no where, but around page 170 just shoved the book away and never looked back. That’s right, I still don’t know what Emily’s mother meant by her lipstick apology, but, hey, Emily didn’t care, so why should I?

I really can’t say much more, bi-polar and cliché are the “tag” words here, if someone finishes this book please confirm the following- Owen was betting on getting in Emily’s pants or something, right? Thought so.

Thoughts on the cover: Great cover, it’s truly too bad about the story, but even the cover couldn’t save this one and Lipstick Apology didn’t make it onto the Mod Podge Bookshelf

Thoughts on the names: There were so many vowel names. I like that the author pointed that out though, Ethan, Aidan, Emily, Owen, Anthony…Jolie and Trent had the best names and were the only redeeming characters, even if Trent was a little cliché with the whole gay NYC hairdresser shtick. I think I would read this book again only if it were written from Jolie’s perspective. I wanted to know what she was thinking more than I cared how Emily felt.

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