Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Scarlet Moons and straying from the path!

Only in the light of the moon did her true love show…

My review:

I love this series, written by a series of talented authors, called the “Once Upon a Time Series” and Scarlet Moon is thus-far my very favorite book, finally overtaking the long time favorite The Storyteller’s Daughter.

I thought this plot was far less complicated than others in this series and the characters felt very legitimate, that even though they were in the midst of a fairytale, they were typical for the setting. I loved the time period it was set in, the time of the crusades when witch-craft, blood moons and wolves wandered the paths of Old time England. This book grabs you right from the very beginning and the choices Debbie Viguie makes aren’t the easy ones, in fact the love story seems a bit doomed!

Ruth is fearless and if I were a man, this is the woman I would want by my side, I guess this is the woman I hope I would be in this situation. William really loves her, in that Heathcliff way that makes my stomach roll and eyes sparkle! I think the pairing was so great because who expects such deepness, darkness and romantic depths in a silly little fairy tale retelling. Viguie even makes the trees characters and they play such a great role!

Ruth is awesome, William was sexy and Giselle was too cool to be anybodies grandma! I just loved this one, it was such a great “Red Riding Hood” retelling!

I think that rewriting the “moral” of the story was a great idea. Instead of, “Don’t stray from the path little girl” it’s “make choices that matter, protect yourself, and save those you love, sometimes your path makes itself.”

Check out this song, “Not Alone” new from Sara Barielles, while you read, I think you’ll get a kick out of it!It comes calling in the evening
When the temperature is dropping out

They said it don't get cold here

But I beg to differ now

There is something in the shadows

More than sister silhouette

Something sinister and strange

That I haven't seen yet

And I don't want to be alone

Sky, don't let the sun go

I'm not ready for the darkness

Swear upon a heartless soul

And I don't want to cry when you go

Stay a little longer, you know

You're making me feel

I'm not alone


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