Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Lying Game (ARC)

The Lying Game by Sara Shepard

Emma has grown up in foster houses her entire life and she has always believe something was missing. Family.

Sutton has grown up with everything Emma has wanted. Family, friends, popularity, a permanent home, but she’s missing one thing. Emma.

Twin’s separated long ago are suddenly thrown into a web of lies and only Emma remains to play the lying game, to solve her twin’s murder.

My review:

I know that a lot of people are huge fans of Shepard’s Pretty Little Liar series, I never got to read the books, but I am enjoying the TV show immensely! The Lying Game was my first Shepard book and I have to say, I didn’t finish it. I didn’t like it.

I think some people will like it, maybe even love it, just not me. The book just wasn’t for me, I really want to get to know my characters, I want to be in the mind of someone and meet them, know their pains, their struggles, triumphs, failures, hopes and dreams. I am far more appreciative of characters over plot and I felt like that was what was lacking in The Lying Game.

The book is narrated by the dead twin, but somehow Sutton is able to see things through the eyes of Emma. This is really confusing for me as a reader and creates a distance between me and either of the girls. All Sutton ever thinks about is that she can’t remember while she narrates Emma and though she can see through her eyes, she can’t feel with her heart, so Emma remains one-dimensional, only an action character. I think I would have really loved both Emma and Sutton if the chapters flipped perspective’s back and forth, allowing Emma to embrace her emotions and allowing Sutton to fill us in on the intrigue.

If you loved Pretty Little Liars, I would pick it up, but if you are like me and you value the characters journey I would just skip this one and watch the TV show, which is awesome!

As a note, I would have been more panicked than Emma if someone stole my bag at a bus stop. Actually, I wouldn’t have left my bag at a bus stop.

Notes on the Names: besides Sutton, which reminded me of Mutton, I liked the names a lot. But Emma and Ethan is a bit cliché.

Thoughts on the cover: I like the idea, but the model looked nothing like Emma/Sutton to me.

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Demitria said...

Thanks for the review...think I'll skip this one.