Saturday, December 25, 2010

Dash and Lily and Me.

Merry Christmas Page Turners.
I have been waiting all month to write this post, and I hope to make this brief, but real.
I know that for many of you, this is your first “bad” Christmas. This occurrence seem to increase with age, though just a few short years ago the idea was a myth; Christmas was and should be magical. No matter how bad, Christmas should come, and be something unforgettable.
I still believe that, even if the same perfect Christmas doesn’t play over and over every Yuletide, I hope you will join me in accepting the day for what it is. Whether the memories you make are traditional or not, you have the ability to make a good memory.
Every Christmas counts, you know, and it comes, and goes, when we aren’t watching.
And now, for a non-traditional Christmas song I think will speak clearly what we all feel on days like this.

Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares

Author: Rachel Cohn and David Levithan

Publisher: Knopf

Pages: 260

Read Time: One sitting

Rating (1-5): 4

Tag Words: Christmas, dares, love story, teenagers, New York, rotten Christmas turned unforgettable


I’ve left some clues for you. If you want them, turn the page. If you don’t, put the book back on the shelf, please.

My review:

I never got to read Nick and Norah, but I’m going to now, even after watching the movie and adoring it! I’ve been hearing a mixed kind of praise/hate for this book, and I get why; the authors take things to the extreme, though the premise and details seem simple, girl leaves boy a notebook, boy takes the bait, an adventure across a snowy New York City ensues, boy and girl kiss, The End, they are overwhelmed by details constantly. Lily’s family, for one, Dash’s ex girlfriend, another, and the quasi-philosophical views Dash and Lily each held on soul mates, true love, and could this notebook be our destiny? All of that really competes with the original plot to the point that you just accept it’s that kind of a book, and if you are good at going with the flow you can like the book again. I’m water, I flow.

So yep, I liked the book, I read it in one sitting and really came to like the character who are absolute polar opposites of each other. Dash is Snarly, Lily is as sweet as the cookies she bakes. You will have a favorite between the two of them, trust me. The adventure I wasn’t totally keen on. It was great to see the landscape of NYC as written in a festive holiday story, but because the emotional growth didn’t mirror the changing scenery, I never felt we were going anywhere, if you know what I’m saying.

The more I write I’m finding I can’t tell you what I LOVED about the book, but I look down and I instantly smile at my copy (which just so happens to be signed by BOTH David and Rachel) and I remember that I laughed, nodded my head and teared up at different parts, obviously something spoke to me, all details aside.

Merry Christmas.

As a note, and no giant Squids of Anger, this is just an observation, but were Lily and Dash the only straight ones in this book? I know that wasn’t the case, but I still wish to present this little Glee video to you. Feel free to LOL.

Notes on the Names: Honestly, awesome. The names are awesome and all fit so well! Besides Dash(iell) and Lily, there was an Alice, a Sophia and some Yiddish names that really made my day.

Thoughts on the Cover: This cover is amazing. I wish I could claim it as my work, mostly because it looks like a few of the shots out of my portfolio. The editing is incredibly, yes, you are seeing that “snow” correctly, some of it is a print screen of hearts. So perfect, so inventive and gorgeous and wait, I said gorgeous. It’s stupendous, it’s magnificent, I wish I could say I’d done it, but I can’t. I did take the picture below however! Those two are my Lily and Dash.

Also, remember, this photo belongs to me, you are breaking the law by coping and redistributing it.

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