Friday, December 24, 2010

All Unquiet Things

All Unquiet Things by Anna Jazab

Carly’s murderer is still out there, and the two people who loved her most have to find out who, and why. But do they really want to know?

My review:

I love a good mystery, I was just talking to Holly Cupala,writer of Tell Me A Secret about how there are no good YA mystery books to be found and then I picked this out of the pile! I would describe this as a very intelligent, emotionally based, murder mystery with strong characters and a vivid lifespan.

The most important aspect of any novel, for me, are the characters and if I connect with them. I was so happy to read this book, all in one sitting, Neilly and Audrey, even Carly just pulled me in. There lives are completely three-dimensional, Jarzab knew this cast very well, and they were written in a “flesh and bones” sense. The plot allows the imagination to run wild about the pre and post of the book, but the characters create the world and I felt very emotionally entangled.

The first scene in the book is written a year after the murder of Neilly’s ex, Carly, was murdered violently. There are many flashbacks from the perspective’s of both Neilly and Carly’s cousin, Audrey, so when I reached some of the emotionally charged scenes I felt grief that the girl I loved, my best friend, a fabulous character was dead and I couldn’t resurrect her, I couldn’t even turn back to page one. She was already gone, and I think that plot point hit it’s target, I felt sad and hopeful at the same time.

I am looking forward to what else Jarzab delivers!

Notes on the Names: The names only made the story better. Audrey, Neilly and Carley all had the ‘Y’ ending, I like how this bound and separated them. Cass was a bit girly for me, I would have preferred Jonas, Jonah, Nathan, Brian, Rafe ect. Adam was a good name for the character.

Thoughts on the Cover: I love this cover, the model isn’t the focus, but the shot is still so impacting!

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