Friday, October 1, 2010

Lucky, Lucky me!

Lucky me, I’ve just won a date with twenty-five old Cary Elwes! Wow, the man in black himself will be escorting me to dinner!

After taking a leisurely tumble down a cliff (walks along the beach are so over rated) Cary will whisk me away to the Fire Swamp; he assures me that It’s only first-date nerves getting to me.

My handsome and valiant man-of-hottness will save me from a giant ROUS and lucky for him, I’m more likely to fight the animal alongside him, instead of screaming his name in panic and poking the giant beast with a stick.

After all that we will retire to my beautiful apartment, since my view is ever-so romantic, where we will view the classic adventure/love story, The Princess Bride.

Oddly, it’s reminiscent of something I just can’t put my finger on…oh well, it’s been a perfect evening!

I ask him if he would take me out again tomorrow, “As you Wish” he replies and slips out the door…
This is a response to a very interesting blog contest and it's delirious fun to enter! ;)

Also, you can enter to win Sea, by Heidi Kling, here:

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