Friday, October 1, 2010

Heart to Heart

Heart to Heart by Lurlene McDaniel

Elowyn and Kassey were like sisters, so when Elowyn was found comatose inside her crashed car, Kassey feels as though her heart it breaking in two.

While Kassey attempts to mend her broken heart, and heal the wounds left by the gaping hole of Elowyn’s nonexistence, young, feeble Arabeth grows stronger.

Now Arabeth has Elowyn’s heart and she has the strangest wishes, to go to France, to eat a flavor of ice cream she’s never dared to try before, to kiss a boy named Wyatt, and most importantly, to know Kassey.

My Review:

Alright, I have to be honest here, there really isn’t a Lurlene McDaniel book I don’t like, but there are those few that I love, with a capital L! Heart to Heart happens to be my newest favorite.

It’s a sweet story, it’s realistic, it could happen and there are all kinds of symbolism running rampant. The heart wants what the heart wants (cliché!) and in this case Arabeth experiences what doctors refer to as “cellular memory” the ability for a transplant patient to adapt the likes, dislikes and urges of their donor. Cases of heart transplants are the most commonly reported forms of cellular memory. And of course, the heart of Elowyn Eden (yes, I read that name and had an omnastic fit!) wants her boyfriend, Wyatt and her best friend Kassey, by her side, even while it resides in the body of Arabeth.

I know, I’m making it sound creepy, but I promise you, it’s not, it just feels like the most hopeful of stories, the fact that Elowyn never really leaves, her memory, even her personal preferences are still wildly intertwined in the lives of those she loved and I think that is a wonderful legacy to leave behind.

Thoughts on the cover: such an unusual cover for a Mndaniel book, but I love it! The overlapping thumbprints are beautiful and the fonts used are fabulous!

Notes on the names: Elowyn has been a name I’ve loved for a while, as a nn for the combined two names I love most, though I won’t tell you what they are- guess if you want, below in the comments, yes, it’s two girls names. Eden is also on my list and Elowyn Eden just makes me beam! Arabeth is such a great choice as well, I love that it’s similar to Elowyn in being that it’s unusual and melodic, something they have in common. Kassey has never been my favorite name, nor has Wyatt, but I really think they suit the characters.

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