Friday, October 1, 2010

My top five (and then some) books of 2011!

Every good blogger should have a top five books they want in the coming year. Really, they should, because not only does it show that they know what’s coming, but it shows a little self-restraint. *looks around sheepishly* so now, after many hours of narrowing down the list, I present to you my five top books of 2011 (that I know about).

Across the Universe by Beth Revis

Pre-review: I think the plot is stunning, it appears very original, and still sane, she isn’t trying to say that mucus-sludge extra-terrestrials are coming gown from the planet Morg to suck our brains out from our ears, no! Heaven forbid that book ever being published! Instead, we have a valiant love-story, set in space, with smatterings of mystery and thriller plot points. Plus, do you SEE that cover?!

What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen

Pre-review: If you are like me, Sarah Dessen speaks to your very soul and you read her books almost religiously, knowing that some piece of you is about to be unearthed between the pages. Let’s just say this, a huge piece of myself, and my history, was unearthed in the teaser premise. That says a lot for What Happened to Goodbye. And, as an added bonus, my friend Brooke (who lives far from me) has asked me to attend a book tour event with her! Yay! I wonder what her newest character’s name will be? Harlow, Maddison, Stella, Roxie, Meredith, Eloise, Genevra, Siobhan, Waverly, Desdemona, Athena, Lucia, Adelaide, Marie?

Tiger Lily by Jodie Lynn Anderson

Pre-review: I love Tigerlily from Peter Pan. The recorded live performance featuring Mary Martin as Peter truly sparked my interest in acting. I stared as “The Indian Princess” (which was the only lead) in my first play! All this to say that Tigerlily is very close to my heart and I want this book to be HUGE, so that when I say “I want to name my daughter Tigerlily,” I’ll get fewer fish faces.

Please note that the picture is a Messenger Photography original, and not the cover of the book.

Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore

Pre-review: It’s part of the Seven Kingdoms series, why the heck wouldn’t this make the list?! Plus, it’s Bitterblue’s book, who, in her moment of glory and her desire to survive, became my very favorite character in Graceling. Oh, ARC, please find your way into my mailbox! I am dying to see the US and UK cover for this one, have you seen the other UK cover?! I want to go to London just to buy the books in a British Borders!

Entwined by Heather Dixon

Pre-review: My first thought upon seeing the cover over on Rebecca’s blog was, “It’s so beautiful, can I touch it?”

And, in case you were wondering these are my runners up, and why I want them almost as badly!

So Shelley by Ty Roth

Pre-review: Everything about this book draws me in (Twi-nerd, me) but it’s so depressing that it has been delegated to the top ten, instead of the top five. Good thing I like to get my melancholy on! (A Phrase para-phrased from my favorite band, Far Beyond Frail, listen to them, while you read, in the rain!)

Wither by Lauren Destefano

Pre-review: So cool, a bit of The Chosen One, mixed with The Hunger Games and The Uglies series. I didn’t add it to the top five because it is part of a series, and I hate knowing it’s going to be the start of a great series.

But I love him by Amanda Grace

Pre-review: The title says it all, really.

Ten Miles Past Normal by Frances O’Roarke Dowell

Pre-review: This girl seems like the “ultimate” protagonist, I can’t wait to get inside her head!

Clarity by Kim Harrington

Pre-review: you know how there’s a book, or movie, CD or picture of someone that you keep picking up, because it keeps sparking your interest every time you see it? That is Clarity, for me, every time I see it, or read about it I think, “That is awesome, I’m adding that!” only to find out I already have, several times!

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