Thursday, October 14, 2010

Family Violence Prevention Auction hosted by Swasti Avasthi

Today I want to post about something very near and dear to my heart, and that is Violence Prevention. As a child phsycologist to-be, who wishes to base her practice around foster children and children in new homes post-adoption, Family Violence Prevention is a hot button issue for me.

What about you? Don’t you think this is a very worthy cause? What if I told you there was something in it for you?

Yeah, now I have your attention. ;)

There is a huge auction going on right now, click the link!

Supported by Swati Avasthi who is going out on blog tour with Teen Book Scene for her new book Split. For every comment Swati will match dollar by dollar until 250$, then she will double the amount. Every comment left by readers equals a dollar, so I invite you to bid on a pitch with a literary agent, a signed ARC or a phone call with an author!

I hope, whether or not this is a main issue for you, whether or not the items available to bid are worth it to you, that you will comment away on the tour, it’s for a great cause, that will have amazing benefits, for those who need the helping hand.

Follow the tour here

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