Wednesday, October 13, 2010

because we all have Thirteen Reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

When Hannah Baker kills herself everyone wonders the same thing- why?

Well, she had thirteen good reasons.

My Thoughts:

There is a book that marks every generation, it’s not the book that sold the most copies, or the book that generated the most buzz, it’s the fiction that reflected perfectly the facts of life.

Teenage suicide has become mundane, it’s something we hear about so often, that no one really pauses to ask, what made them do it? And if someone does ask, they’re usually met with an answer something like this, “I guess they just weren’t strong enough.”

I’m not here to judge, I can’t tell you right and wrong, I know there is forgiveness for those who contemplate the fallout of their own deaths, but selfish, yeah, it’s selfish to say the least, and sometimes, being a little selfish is easier than enduring another day. I just wish Hannah had, endured, fought, spoken and I wish, more than anything, that she had been heard.

So before I really review the book, I would like to dedicate this book to Hannah Baker and all the teenagers she stands for. Phoebe, this one’s for you, too.

My Review:

I don’t think I’ve ever felt more in the thick of things then when I was reading this book, a good portion of that is the content, but the writing is completely engrossing and your senses are engaged the entire way through the novel.

You will feel pain, this is a hard book to read, Hannah makes you feel like you are the fourteenth reason, the unnamed culprit, who is culpable to her death, it’s your fault too, in a way.

I don’t want to make you feel bad, because I know that I have befriended those who fight silent battles, and in time I helped them, I know that there are others who do the same out there, but I’ve scarcely met them. Hannah hadn’t either, not even Clay had enough guts to make her a priority, he just let her be and then, she wasn’t anymore.

I want to challenge you to let this book change your life, reading it is a challenge, but I want you to strive past that, and into a world that is painful and true. Real and realistic, live in the wake that Hannah has left behind.

And don’t be surprised if you know your own Thirteen Reasons Why. I know I could list mine for you now. I have two lists: Thirteen Reasons Why I could have and Thirteen Reasons Why I didn’t. I’m just so glad that my second list exists at all.

Thoughts on the cover: Get the hardback version and turn the paper cover over, it just makes the story better.

Notes on the Names: I don’t want to talk about the names. I want you to hear the names fresh, I want you to know the thirteen names as I did, one by one.


Miranda said...

This is a beautiful post. I love this book. Once I started it, I couldn't sleep until I sleep until I finished it. It's wonderful. Great post.

Gabrielle Carolina said...

I agree about the book and thank you for the compliments on the post! :)