Thursday, October 28, 2010

BLOG updates!

Hey there Page Turners.

Some updates for you, one, I finally broke down and got a Twitter. You can follow me by clicking the link.

Two, I’m sure many of you have noticed that I don’t have a rating system (mostly because I am so technologically challenged) but if you follow me on Goodreads, you can know the books I want to read and the star (1-5) ratings I give a book. (if you pay close attention you’ll know what reviews are up-coming on my blog!)

Three, yes, my blog posts are for the most part pre-written. This means that there will be a blog post almost everyday and three to four book reviews a week. I am very consistent and you (and those friends you need to tell about the blog) should check back daily.

Four, let me give you a little guided tour around the blog. First let us stop due right of this post where you will find the current most popular blog posts. Take a look. Up above that you should see my button. Please take it, add it to anything you want, then come back and give me the link, there should be contest news soon and your efforts will be rewarded. You can also see my new blog award! Hooray! I have also received news that Holly Schindler, the author of A Blue So Dark and the up-coming release Playing Hurt will be stopping here on her blog tour. Grab the widget right over there, yeah, no a little lower, oh, good, you found it. You should also see my book case, full of books I have recently read and the rating I gave them. Now, go back up to the top. You should see the Page Bar! If you are an author or publisher check out my mission statement of review. If you like what you see on the blog, check out Messenger Photography where I post my photographs. My wishlist is a fraction of the real thing, but I’ve listed many cool titles. Under Challenges you can find my 2010 reviews as well as the books I have read this year. And if you are interested in a guest post, please look at that page, it’s awesome. Still with me? Good. Now, scroll all the way down, keep going, keep going, keep going. STOP! You have just found my blogroll and my easy links. Click away!

Five, if you are technologically savvy please contact me, I’m not afraid to beg.

Six, tell me in the comments what you are dressing up as on Halloween.

Keep turning those pages!


Gabrielle Carolina <3

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