Friday, October 29, 2010

The Siren

The Siren by Kiera Cass

Abandoned. Alone. Drowning in the frozen waters of The Ocean, Siren’s call out, and they are chosen.

Healing and acceptence can take one-hundred years, but Kahlen doesn’t have one hundred years to wait for true love…

My review:

I am a devout Kiera Cass fan, my very first Kiera expierience was when I watched her video (down below) and spit out my Dr. Pepper from laughter. I was hooked and Twi-curls was what I logged onto Youtube for daily.

Then Kiera created her own channel (I miss you, Liz!) and started talking about her first self-published book, The Siren, which was coming out soon! I pre-ordered my copy and sat around to wait for it. I was super excited, I love Siren’s! I think they are so cool, and no one really feels for them, they are murderers, that’s it. Not in this book, baby!

In a well-written tale of forgiveness and love, Kahlen is stuck in the world between worlds, watching the years go by and never able to participate herself. Speech is forbidden, if she spoke those around her would race to drown themselves in the nearest source of water. What then, can she say to the man who rescues her and falls in love with her?

The best relashionship in the novel was that between the main protagonist, Kahlen, and The Ocean, who feels a deep regret for needing human sacrifice to function. Kahlen comes to understand her “mother” better than all the Siren’s before her, and possibly all those who will follow.

The storyline is very sweet, at times the pacing stretched the boundry between too slow and progressing peacefully, but it doesn’t hurt the story. Attention to detail is the authors strongest advantage IMO, and I greatly look foreward to her coming book, called The Selection, and discribed as The Hunger Games meets The Bachelor.

My personal favorite attention-to-detail was Kahlen’s cherry dress from the 50’s, it was as sweet as cherry pie!

Also, the kissing scenes are epic and awesome, awesome, hot, awesome! I’m just saying…

Thoughts on the cover: I really don’t like it very much. The color scheme is gorgeous, however!

Notes on the names: Great names! Let’s just start listing them, Aisling, Aiko, Marilyn, Elizabeth, Akinli, Benjamin, Julie, Bex, Ifama, Tova… one name I didn’t mention is Kahlen. I really do love the name, but I think it is so out of place for the time and place she was born, it’s too trendy to belong to a “historically” set protagonist in my mind.

The pictures you are seeing all scattered about are fan-works I did for her contest, for which I got an honorable mention! Hooray!

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