Saturday, January 5, 2013

2012 Author Wrap-Up with Kelsey Sutton

Today my best friend, and 13er, Kelsey Sutton is our featured wrap-upper!

GC: What is best book you read in 2012?

KS: You're going to ask me this question every year, aren't you? It always takes me forever to answer, because then I have to go stare at my bookshelf for an hour and decide which books to betray by picking just one! But fine, I'll stop whining and tell you. The best book - since I have to choose - I read in 2012 was The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green. The characters were the biggest part of it. I can't remember the last time I cried reading a book before I picked this one up.

GC: What was your favorite thing you wrote in 2012? 

KS: I guess that would be my signature on my book contract! It was a huge moment. I may have teared up during this, too...

GC: What was your biggest writing struggle in 2012, and how did you overcome it?

KS: I know I answered with this last year, but it seems time hasn't changed the struggle. And that's actually finishing something. I do have a couple more novels under my belt, but they've been put into a drawer. So I guess the really problem is finishing something good. I'm an optimist, though, and being pig-headed doesn't hurt. 

GC: What can readers expect from you in the new year?

KS: Well, my novel is hitting shelves! It's called Some Quiet Place, and we're pretty sure the title is going to stick. It can be found on Goodreads for anyone curious to know more. I'm still kind of in shock about it.

GC: Write down your 'Writing Resolution of 2013!

KS: Finish a manuscript that's even better than Some Quiet Place!


Dione Sage said...

Absolutely stunning cover. This book sounds great!

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