Monday, September 10, 2012

What's Left of Me Blog Tour

Note from author: It was quite hard to get Addie to agree to an interview! She doesn't like to talk to strangers much, especially about her "situation." Forgive her taciturnity and thanks for inviting her ;)

GC: Who chooses what you wear, you or Eva? Is that the same for most of your decisions- what you eat, what you do, who you love?

Addie: Eva doesn't really care about our clothes, and we like to eat most of the same things. Those things don't really matter. Who we love...we don't love in synchrony. But we only have this one body in the end, and that's the problem, isn't it?

GC: Do your parents know their other daughter is still inside you?

Addie: No, they don't. And they can't ever know. 

GC: When was the first time you heard each other that you can remember?

 Addie: I don't know. Eva and I were born together. I don't have any memories that precede her, or her voice, her presence next to mine.

GC: When did Eva stop speaking aloud?

Addie: Some time after our twelfth birthday. 

GC: Did you help her fight her disappearance? 

Addie: You can't fight disappearing. It's something written into your genes. It just happens. It's the way it's always been, since the world began. The recessive soul is meant to fade. 

Eva didn't disappear completely because of some glitch in our body--something messed up. It wasn't anyone's fault.

GC: Do you wish she had disappeared? 

Addie: I can't wish something like that. I just can't. 

GC: Do you want her to come back and be as free as you are?

Addie: ...yes. 

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