Friday, September 14, 2012

Interview with Author Pearl North

Today author of the Libyrinth series, Pearl North, joins us on MPB to discuss completing a trilogy!


GC: What's it like to complete a book trilogy?

PN: It's a huge relief! I didn't really plan Libyrinth as the first book in a trilogy, so it was an exciting and sometimes nerve-wracking challenge to carry the story on over two more books. In the end, The Book of the Night took me places I never could have imagined when I started Libyrinth. I hope people will enjoy taking the journey with me.

 GC: How do you feel your character's have evolved since you first began the Libyrinth series?

PN: Well, even in the beginning of The Book of the Night, it's clear that Haly is lightyears from the shy, nervous girl she used to be. She's a powerful woman now, with responsibilities. And Po too has matured. I don't want to go into too much detail and spoil the book, but essentially all of the main characters get a chance to confront their weaknesses and come into their own. Growing up, no longer looking to others wiser and more powerful than yourself for answers but taking responsibility for your own destiny is a major theme of this third book.

 GC: How did your writing process change with each book, or did you find you were consistent throughout the trilogy?

PN: Every time I write a book the process changes, and of course I grew quite a bit as a writer in the course of these three books, but some things remain the same. The most important thing for me is to get a rough draft down as quickly as possible and then give myself lots of time to revise, revise, revise.

GC: What is your favorite memory from this series, and was there ever a low moment while writing?

PN: Well, I had a lot of fun with Po and all of his misunderstandings due to his matriarchal upbringing. The opening scene of The Boy from Ilysies, where he basically flashes Selene, mistakenly thinking that she's invited him to do so, is a favorite of mine, and so is his first encounter with Ayma later in that book, where both of them completely misunderstand one another because he's trying to be subservient to her, and vice versa.

Low point? Yeah, there are always those as well. I can't really go into any details without spoiling the third book, but as an author I had to make some hard choices for the sake of the story. It's emotionally difficult to hurt people you care about, even when they're not real.

GC:  What's next for you?

PN: I'm always working on several projects at a time. I switch from one to another so I don't feel stuck or frustrated. It's always hard to say what I'll finish next. At the moment I'm working on an lgbt science fiction romance, a paranormal, and a fantasy with romantic elements.

GC: Thank you, Pearl! And congrats on a completed trilogy.

PN: You’re welcome and thank you for having me on your blog, Gabrielle! 

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