Thursday, April 12, 2012

Do You Need An Assistant?

Welcome to the awkward place, Gabrielle Carolina.

I'm an author now, because I've written a book, but I'm still primarily a blogger, because (as of this writing) it hasn't been procured by a publisher.

I'm a student, but considering taking a year off. Which means I need a job. Maybe a lot of them.

I manage this blog with some kind of finesse...grace? Okay, we'll just call it dignity, then. I handle both the "business" and the "creative" sides of MPB. 

I have made a lot of wonderful professional connections and maintain country-wide friendships, so I thought, why not continue the trend and put myself out their as an assistant for...someone.

Are you an author looking for a long-distance assistant? 

Are you a blogger with too much to do and not enough hair left to pull? 

Are you a photographer who needs someone handling their e-mail so you can go out and shoot the sunrise, the sunset, and the sunshine in between? 

Are you an agent crazy enough to trust me with reading slush?

Then please, I beg of you, e-mail me at 

and let's talk about my wearing a pencil skirt with my slippers! 

P.S. If you are good on you own, but know of someone who could benefit from my excellent paper stacking, please pass this along!

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