Friday, January 6, 2012

It's Raining Cupcakes

It's Raining Cupcakes

Author: Lisa Schroeder

Publisher: Aladdin Books

Pages: 193

Read Time: 1 day

Tag Words: Cupcakes, Middle Grade, Baking Contest, depression, travel, best friend rivalry, family business

My Summary:

Isabel has one goal in life, to travel.

Winning the baking contest would afford her that opportunity! She would get to go to New York City for the final bake-off!

Besides thousands of miles there is a whole lot of complications standing between Isabel and her dreams including her competitive best friend, her mother, who is opening a new business, on her good days, and closing up shop on her bad days.

Isabel is sure her summer will be anything but sweet, but who knows, sometimes the right recipe needs the right amount of nuts.

My Review:

This book is fun, clean, and just good. It’s a middle grade, but I didn’t find it too childish, or cliche. In fact, it was very realistic. Although Isabel is only twelve she is dealing with realistic situations. A move, family complications, friendship with a girl who is always better than she is, and holding onto her dreams, even when everyone around her is dreaming of anything but.

I found a kinship with Isabel, even if it has been quite some time since I was twelve. Holy cow, it feels like it was just yesterday, though, doesn’t it?!

My only complaint is the incredibly odd ending. I would have cut it on page 179 and left what is the final chapter for book two. It’s a very awkward ending, and up an until then it had been the perfect book. I was very annoyed by it.

No matter, I am completely sold on this series and cannot wait to see if Isabel succeeds in the Big City!

Notes on the Names:

Isn’t Isabel darling? I love it so much more than Isabella, or even Isabelle, though not as much as the Scottish variant of Isobel! Did you know that Isobel/Isabel/Isabelle are international forms of Elizabeth? Two equally gorgeous names with one origin!

Thoughts on the Cover:

Makes me hungry just looking at it!

Parental Book Review *spoilers*

Sexual Content:






Other Notables:

Isabel’s mother deals with depression and crippling fear.

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Looks adorable. Reminds me of Scones & Sensibility.