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Tempest Rising (ARC)

Tempest Rising

Author: Tracy Deebs

Publisher: Walker Books

Pages: 288 (ARC copy has 341)

Read Time: 4 Days

Tag Words: Mermaids, sea witches, prophecy, good versus evil, falling in love, Selkie, surfing, 2011 debut author

My Summary:

Tempest is about to turn seventeen. Any other girl would be excited to celebrate, but any other girl isn’t part mermaid.

Tempest will be forced to choose, the land, and her family, or the water and her true nature.

When a mysterious boy, named Kai, comes aboard her beach Tempest’s options narrow.

Stay for family, or go for love... and maybe something deeper.

My Review:

I am sad that this is going to be a critical review. There are three kinds of paranormal creatures I love to read about and every book that involves Mermaids, Sirens and the Fey should rock, but sometimes they just don’t rock me.

Let’s start with the positives, one, I love Tempest and I end up respecting her, even if I feel like she muddied her own waters (pardon the pun) most of the time.

Two, the names are great!

Three... I’m running out of things I love about this book.

Okay, so the book was too long, the pace drug like crazy. I’m pretty sure that the author/the publisher noticed this too, because the difference in pages from ARC to finished copy is a whopping 53 pages! So I digress, because that issue might completely be fixed on the stands.

However the general “evil is coming for you” plot twists still don’t make sense to me, nor does the Sea Witches plans for Tempest. I have no clue what the prophecies purpose is, I’m not sure it was fulfilled, or explained... much like most of the book. I never really find out anything about her mother; her character is not enriched at all, even though she is present for part of the story. Tempest is supposedly an artist and wants to study it, however I never see her paint a thing and the detail is awkwardly thrown into the text many pages in, instead of it being introduced as part of Tempest’s life. The love triangle bordered on cliche, possibly dirty dancing on the line.

I feel like the “rules” for the story, the borders, the lines, the parameters, were never set down when Deebs was writing and that translated to the text.

I honestly don’t know if I’ll read book two, but I’ll most likely  give it the benefit of the doubt and try again.

Notes on the Names:

Tempest just wins as the coolest name for a character. I love it so much, and especially for this character!

One of Tempest’s surfer buddies is called Bach, because, “He surfs like Johann Sebastian composes.” I love that!

Thoughts on the Cover:

I think the model is appropriate, but I want the bikini strap to disappear! It disrupts the whole cover for me.

I am also not such a huge fan of the backdrop, it reminds me of one of those you select for your yearbook picture in elementary school.

Parental Book Review *spoilers*

Sexual Content:


Kissing, heated tone without the feeling that the characters are trying to go further.

Some mild sexual innuendo.



A- 10
D- 8
S- 3
H- 22


Tempest creates a storm that nearly kills Kai a la lightening bolt.

Tempest often suffers from nearly drowning, and getting cut and scraped up from surfing throughout the text.

Tempest’s mother is torn in half by the sea monster.

Other Notables:


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