Thursday, August 11, 2011

Prince Charming, Brenden

Today the harrowing tale of a modern day Prince Charming inside Anna Sheehan's debut, A Long, Long Sleep! You heard it here first.

Reporter Gabrielle Carolina: Today we are sitting down with the dashing hero of the biggest news we've seen since the plagues ended. Rosalinda Samantha Fitzroy has been discovered beneath UniCorn Estates frozen in time- asleep. I'm here with the young man who woke up our sleeping princess with a kiss. Tell us about your thoughts when you first saw the heiress?

Brenden: There was no kiss, okay? No kiss! I wouldn’t have kissed anyone who looked like that. She looked dead. I was sure she was a corpse. She didn’t look like any kind of heiress. She looked like a victim of a concentration camp. She scared the squitch out of me.

GC: You mention that Rose first resembled a corpse; did you have time to guess at whose corpse it was before she came alive and gave you a name?

Bren: No. Even if I had known her face... she barely looked recognizable as a human being, let alone heir to a corporate empire.

GC: I'm sure you didn't expect to find such a treasure in the basement. Can you share why you were downstairs that day?

Bren: Yeah. My mom and dad just bought Unicorn Estates a few months ago when it came up for sale. We’ve lived here forever – my granddad raised my mom here – but that meant there was a lot of work that had been neglected on the mansion. I was helping my folks out, looking through the old store rooms. Just exploring, really. And there she was, in a locked store room. All alone.

GC: What did you do after you found her? Who was the first person you contacted?

Bren: Well, we celled the hospital, for one. She was half dead. But the first person I celled was my granddad. He’s real high up in UniCorp, and I knew he’d know what to do. I mean, she was claiming to be the Fitzroy’s daughter! It was coiting huge! Oh, sorry. Didn’t mean to swear.

GC: And what was your grandfather's reaction?

Bren: He was horrified. So was my mother. Now, if you’ll get out of my face, I have tennis practice.


flashlight_reader said...

This was fun! And it does sound just like Brendan from the book! You should do an "interview" with the Grandfather.

jennachristy said... i’m curious about the book, it sounds really nice and funny. haha. :)