Friday, August 12, 2011


Today a very unique interview with Otto, an alien in Anna Sheehan's debut novel A Long, Long Sleep.

Reporter Gabrielle Carolina: And we're back today with Otto Sextus, the Europa Project phenomenon who has been getting to know our recent Headline Heroine Ms. Rosalinda Samantha Fitzroy, the long lost daughter of the original UniCorp president and CEO. Rosalinda had been asleep until yesterday's guest, Brenden, shared a kiss with the Sleeping Beauty. It's quite a feat for Otto to communicate with anyone, but he has graciously agreed to write out the answers to our questions. Can you share with us why, Otto?

Otto: My life is still public record, I see. I hoped when I took the scholarship to Uni Prep and left the lab that I would be spared this kind of thing. Who told you I knew Rose?

GC: It is common knowledge.

Otto: Fine. As I’ve told you before, my vocal cords never developed properly, because the genetic modification that UniCorp used to splice my DNA with that of an alien microbe messed up all sorts of things in the biological development of myself and my siblings. Including my skin, my eyes, my vocal cords, and my allergies.

GC: Fascinating! So how have you been able to correspond with Rosalinda, then?

Otto: Like this. I write to her.

GC: Why not simply use your regular form of conversation with Ms. Fitzroy?

Otto: The questions always come to this. Yes, I’m somewhat telepathic. But there are more than enough scientific articles on the nature of that, and I’m not about to go into it here. As far as Rose goes... It is intrusive, entering someone’s mind. Both for them, and for myself. Rose has more than enough problems without adding mine into the mix.

GC: What have you learned so far about Rosalinda that has surprised you most?

Otto: Rose is a brilliant artist. Otherwise, you should ask her. I refuse to spread gossip about my friends.

GC: Speaking of gossip, a little bird told me that as the daughter of Unicorp's Founder Rosalinda is essentially your owner, isn't she? Are you hoping that your personal bond with Ms. Fitzroy will ultimately aid you and the rest of your kind?

Otto: Go away. I am quite through with this interview.

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