Saturday, August 13, 2011

From the Private Files of Dr. Mina Bija

Tumblr_li50p25luz1qco16mo1_500_largeFrom the private files of Dr. Mina Bija, PhD. Psychology of Anna Sheehan's debut novel A Long, Long Sleep.

Case study, Rosalinda, age 16.

Rosalinda (Rose) is a 16 year old girl who has recently been referred to myself for psychological treatment.

Rose has been locked in stasis for more than sixty years beneath a private residence. She is physically stunted and suffering severe stass-fatigue. (See medical case history.)

Rose’s case history is filled with contradictions and severe gaps. Records of her early years were presumably lost during the unrest of the Dark Times. What is known is that Rose was born of wealthy and financially powerful parents, who instilled in her their values of self-protection. She was encouraged in artwork, and was successful enough to have won at least one prestigious award. Rose reports that she has never done well at school, and does not consider herself intelligent. She also reports that her parents frequently had her switch schools, so she could begin with a "fresh start." This did not appear to help her academic work.

Roses dreams seem to take the form of being lost, or being chased. When chased, she is unable to escape. Jungian dream theory would state that Rose does not feel adequate to the challenges of her current situation.

Rose finds it difficult to reach out to her peers. She has expressed interest only in her artwork, and two boys her own age. Bren, who released her from stasis, and Otto. (See case study.)

Rose has made only one reference to her previous life – a boyfriend named Xavier. She continually draws portraits of him in her sketchbook. I have been unable to find out any more about him, or Rose’s relationship with her parents.

Rose appears to be repressing a great deal from her previous life, either consciously or unconsciously. Initial diagnosis is severe emotional shock and grief, but there are indications that there may be issues beyond this.

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