Wednesday, August 3, 2011



Author: Elizabeth Woods

Publisher: Simon Pulse

Pages: 233

Read Time: Four days

Rating (1-5):3

Tag Words: Best friends, abuse, murder, psychological problems, death, suspense, mystery, running away, mean girls, not fitting in at school, creepy, debut author 2011

My Summary:

Cara is called Choker at her high school after an unfortunate incident in the cafeteria. Ever since she left her home town, and her best friend, Zoe, behind Cara has been a social leper, even in her own home. When Zoe mysteriously reappears in Kara’s life the people who have made her life a living hell begin dropping like flies. 

My Review:

I am not a fan of this book and even though I am a non-compare blog I am choosing to break my own rules and give this reason why: Because it was not as well done as others in it’s class. 

I do not want to majorly spoilery, but I’m not too, too worried as I had nailed down what was happening within the first one hundred pages and feel you might, as well. I feel that, without spoiling the mystery for you, I can say after looking back from the last page to the details of the storyline that the timeline does not work out and too many details were used in Zoe and Cara’s lives to create a world for each that were never tied up in a way that supported the conclusion. Reflecting back on the plot points and small details makes the book feel contrived, rather than well-structured. 

I was less than impressed and bored, waiting for the grand revelation I knew was going to happen, but when it came about, looking back, I don’t believe that the story is possible as far as time is concerned. 

Notes on the Names: 

Funny enough, two of my best friends, who are best friends themselves, are Kara and Zoe. We had a good time joking around on Facebook. In case you were wondering Kara lends itself to meanings such as “open-hearted,” “kind,” and “caring.” Zoe means “Life.” 

Thoughts on the Cover:

I really like this cover, it’s a non-model cover that I wish went with a story I liked more. I was looking forward to adding this one to the Mod Podge Bookshelf. I need more pink books. You can never have too many pink books. 

Parental Book Review *spoilers*

Sexual Content: 


In the story Cara and Zoe kiss to give Cara a chance to practice for her real first kiss with her love interest. The kiss is very detailed. Cara is uncomfortable.


Heavy/Very Heavy

B- 17
Bas***d- 1
Sl*t- 1
H- 6
S- 2
D- 5



Several murders, they were choked to death. 

Animals are killed, including a poisoned dog, a crushed bird and a cat whose neck is broken. 

Other Notables: 

Zoe is sexually abused by her stepfather, which is why she runs away.

Cara’s parents are absent.

Cara chokes in the cafeteria and is bullied for it. 

Cara is sent to a mental institution. 

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