Friday, July 22, 2011


Author: Stephen Lovely 
Publisher: Hyperion
Pages: 352
Read Time: I got to page 210 and had to stop
Rating (1-5): 2.5
Tag Words:Heart transplant, death, moving on, romantic relationship, travel, reflection
My Summary:
The day Isabel dies Janet Corcoran gets a second chance at life. 
This is the story of the year after, and how those who loved Isabel’s heart most must let it go.
My Review:
Oh no, another bad review coming y’alls way. I’m not offended by the book, I’m not disappointed with the book and there will be no ranting, I just wanted it to be over, really, and am happy with my decision not to read the final hundred pages or so. 
First of all, the writing is tediously executed. With nearly scientific precision Lovely details the life after the death of every one's beloved Isabel. The writing was good, but it was also very empty, ironically the thing this book was missing was a heart, and most of a soul. The word I would use to describe would be dreary and depressing. No greater truth is being learned, no great good is being accomplished, the characters are defined by their selfishness.
Alex is a horrible character and unaffectedly consistent in his self-absorbed melancholia. If I were Isabel I would have leaped in front of the truck, rather than be married to him. Wow. That was mean, but well written... it stays. 
Janet and David, her husband, are two characters I am a tad regretful for not seeing to the end of things. I thought their strained, love/hate relationship was very interesting, even if I was a bit disappointed they didn’t relish in their second chance at love.
By far my favorite character is Jasper, he is also Lovely’s greatest accomplishment in Irreplaceable. His part to play and his convictions about his heroism in the lives of the main characters is unique, strange and consistent. He is the character you love to hate, or hate to love, depending on where you are sitting. I really thought Jasper’s motives, back story and action were slightly ingenious and something out of the blue in a very positive way.
I got to page 210 and stopped, meaning to come back. I gave up a month later and I can't imagine trying again. Not even for Jasper, or Janet. 
Notes on the Names: 
Alex, Isabel, Janet, David, Sam, Carlie, Bernadette, Jasper... I am shocked by how little I liked this book in light of the obvious effort Lovely put into his names. It’s an anomaly. 
Thoughts on the Cover: I am not a fan of the hardback, thought I think it says more about the book, but the paperback is just gorgeous! I always hate when I end up not liking a book with a beautiful cover because I never want to keep the book... sad face/big sigh. 
Parental Book Review *spoilers*
Sexual Content: 
This book is an Adult fiction and I was surprised by how little Sexual content there was for being of the genre. 
Other Notables: 
Isabel dies in a car crash.
The organ retrieval scene, as well as Janet’s operation are heavily described. Not for the squeamish. 

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