Friday, June 24, 2011

Interview with Author Suzanne Young

I am out of my mind excited to have been able to interview author Suzanne Young, who besides writing the hysterical Naughty List novels also wrote one of my new favorite books, 
A Need So Beautiful.

GC: Wow... let me just say wow. I am completely in awe of A Need So Beautiful, which is one of the most stunning books I have read all year. What inspired this novel and this new branch of guardian angel, The Forgotten?

SY: Once when someone close to me was sick and I felt really lost. I met this older woman while waiting in line, and we ended up talking for an hour as she listened to me cry. She gave me great advice and then told me to go home and be with the person I loved. I did. But after that, I actually thought—what if she was really an angel of some sort? The idea haunted my thoughts until I started writing A Need so Beautiful, and then it took on a life of its own.

With each pass, I added more to the story, creating a new being that wasn’t of any religion. A being that was from love; true, unflinching love. From there the world of the Forgottens was born.

            GC: How was the writing process for Need different from your work on the Naughty List series?

SY: My first series, THE NAUGHTY LIST, was really fun to write. My family and I would randomly call out funny phrases like Good Gravy! or Snap, Crackle and Pop! for my character to say. And although TNL had some sad moments, it was overall a very enjoyable experience.

A NEED SO BEAUTIFUL was very different in that I held on to the idea for a while, twisting it in my head, writing random scenes here and there. It was a very personal story to me, the idea of a stranger being there to help you through a crisis, leaving you wondering if it was real at all. I loved the idea of this girl having the choice to give up everything or fight for her life. aNsB was definitely not dinner conversation. I wrote it very alone, very peacefully—sometimes crying. 

            GC: What was your reaction to the cover of A Need So Beautiful? Did you get any input?

SY: My editor and I talked about possible covers from the beginning. But after the photo shoot when I was able to see the actual model, I was near tears. She was perfect. The beauty of it all didn’t hit until I saw the finished jacket, though. All together, it just works amazingly well. I can’t think of a better cover for my story.

            GC: I wept for a good fifty pages while reading Need, did you make yourself cry, as well, or were you super focused on the writing and in the moment?

SY: Oh, I cried straight through some scenes—especially the Need with Warren and the ending scenes. I was emotionally invested in this story, and I poured my heart and soul onto those pages. I’m glad it moved you (although sorry for the tears!)

            GC: So what's next for Charlotte, Harlin & yourself? 

SY: There is a sequel called A Want so Wicked which comes out next summer. It’ll have to do with the Shadows, so overall it’s a creepier book. After that I have a new series coming Spring of 2013 with Simon Pulse called The Program, which is about a suicide epidemic and the controversial treatment that will erase a person’s past to make them healthy again.


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Thanks for posting. Great interview.

Bookish Brunette said...

I really NEED to read A Need so Beautiful... ;)

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