Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Name Fame (3): My Favorites!

Well, you guys wanted more videos, so here's one. This is a response to Anastasia Ruby's video about her favorite names for every letter of the alphabet for both boys and girls.

Watch below to find out this chicks favorite names!

I really appreciate hearing both positive and negative comments on my names, but I have studied omnastics for years and without sounding like a snob I will say make sure your comments are intelligent and not just bashing because you've never heard the name before, and it's not Caitlin, or Aidan, chances are I know more than you. After all, I do use the word 'omnastics.'

Hope that made you laugh and not want to punch me!

So tell me, any interest in a sequel to this video where I discuss my favorite Literary baby names for every letter of the alphabet? I really want to make one. 

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