Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Redhead Revealed

The Unidentified Redhead
Author: Alice Clayton 
Publisher: Omnific Publishing
Pages: 248
Read Time: 1 day
Rating (1-5): 4
Tag Words:  ABC Book Challenge (U), adult contemporary, adult romance, strong sexual content, cougars, Hollywood, actors and actresses falling in love, the Paparazzi, landing the role, moving to New York, best friends, Debut Author
My Summary:
Grace Sheridan is on the cusp of breaking into the business after a decade-long hiatus.
New to Hollywood’s Hott scene is Super Sexy Scientist Guy Jack Hamilton who is poised to play one of Cinema’s most adorable male hero's since ever. 
When these two fall madly and passionately in love you’ll be sighing for their fun-loving, let the good times roll Tryst.
My Review:

It’s cute, very cute and very erotic, so be sure you know what you’re doing. 
I had read some of Clayton’s previous work, and loved how she cultivated her characters so that they had a background for the reader to fall for, instead of doing the typical; hot man, untouchable woman, and then a love affair. I don’t read those books, and I was a bit disappointed that this book fell a bit more into the later category instead of continuing her trend of humanized characters with defined pasts.
The characters still felt real, but they were actors and that’s all I really knew about them. Grace has some insecurities, but they weren’t cultivated in this book, more hinted at. I’m sure all that will come in the sequel, The Redhead Revealed. 
The banter is very cute, and there is a lot of cursing, which I expected, but what I didn’t expect was how the best friends, Grace and Holly, use foul language as pet names for each other. I really hate that, it’s just crude. 
It’s a light read, and funny, but not a huge favorite of mine. 
Notes on the Names: Gracie and George would have been cute! Grace and Jack are very modern, popular, but still ‘cool’ names. Their full names do lend themselves to Hollywood; hooray!
Thoughts on the Cover: It’s not very streamlined, but it suits the quirkiness of the book. 

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