Saturday, January 15, 2011

Falling In Love With English Boys

Falling In Love With English Boys (ARC)
Author: Melissa Jensen
Publisher: Speak
Pages: 272
Read Time: 4 days
Rating (1-5): 3.5
Tag Words: 2011 historical fiction challenge, 2010 debut author, historical fiction, Diary Entries, Blog Entries, Love Story, London, England, Battle of Waterloo, romance
My Summary:
Told from the alternating perspectives of two girls raised in very different societies, Falling In Love With English Boys will appeal to a wide audience, including lovers of Regency England, and Meg Cabot fans alike. 
My Review:
This is going to be a three part review, part one is Catherine, part two will be Katherine and part three will be an overall thoughts paragraph.
Catherine is a (sadly) typical teenager in all aspects but one, she is not at all happy about the chance to spend a summer in London England, an opportunity I would leap at, especially with such a cool mom as Cat’s! (My mom is cooler, but who am I to brag? ;) ) Catherine is very vapid, I felt her growth was more from single girl to girl with British Boyfriend, instead of adding to herself on the streets of London. I didn’t enjoy her story at all, I really thought she was rude, and selfish, but funny, very funny.
Katherine is selfish, really selfish and very self-centered, but her personal growth in the story is fantastic, I found myself cheering towards the end as Katherine finds out what she really wants, and who she wants to be in life. I think her character is also very typical, but in a positive way; I think many girls could learn from her experiences.
Overall, I felt like Catherine and Katherine were the same girl, Jensen didn’t really strive to come up with different personalities for the girls, though they come to very different places at the end of things. My very favorite similarity was how they began to see their mothers as wonderful, strong, kind and beautiful women who deserved their adoration more than their selfish fathers. I would hang out with either ‘Therine’s’ mom on any day! Another thing I want to say is it took me forever to actively ‘get into’ the book. The first 120 pages or so really held nothing for me, I very nearly gave up a few times. 
As a bonus, there is a fabulous playlist at the back of the book, in fact, I happened to discover a new artist and will imbed a video for you to listen to! 
Notes on the Names: There was a British Imogen, and a Consuelo which caused me to die and go to Heaven. The other names made no impression, but against Imogen, what name could?!
Thoughts on the Cover: The idea behind the cover is very cute, but if you break apart the individual concepts it looks a bit ridiculous, especially through the eyes of a photographer. As an example: Is that boy wearing Harem Pants? Also, her leg physically cannot stick out at that angle. Look closely, think about it and you will come to the same conclusion. 


Miranda said...

I didn't like this one at all.

Gabrielle Carolina said...

I am agreed. I won't be adding this one to my bookshelves, the characters really had nothing for me, except for both of their mothers, who rocked.

Anonymous said...

Aww, that's sad to hear, I was looking forward to reading this book from the cute synopsis and cover, but now, maybe not. The girls don't sound very appealing as heroines. Thanks for your honest review!