Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fairest fairytale, oh how I love to live in a land of lore

Fairest by Gail Carson Levine

A retelling of Snow White, in a far away land, there is a town where people sing all the time, and the most gifted singer is about to be discovered in a big way!

When royalty turns their eye to you, it is rude to say no to a Queen. Especially to a Queen-To-Be who can’t sing in a land where no one speaks their wedding vows.

My review:

I love a good fairytale reworking, I love fantasy, princesses and fairies, these are stories I love to fill my mind with! Most important, I adore Gail Carson Levine!

This book only improved my recommendation of her and her beautiful, fantastical story telling.

This is a very loose retelling of Snow White, which is great, I don’t feel like I am reading the same classic tale I’ve always known and adored it; I got to read something new. New rules, new characters and a new ending. Some people may not like just how loose the retelling is, but I don’t mind so much, it felt deliberate, so that might bridge the gap for me.

The new characters were the best part, though I’m not sure I was head over heels in love with the the way the curse is broken. I think I would have enjoyed singing to be the crux of the whole thing, instead of a man in a mirror, but really, it doesn’t take away from the book, it’s a fairytale, right? There are no rules.

Ever is my favorite of the Levine trio of books, Ella Enchanted, Fairest and Ever; this one is my least favorite, but that doesn’t really mean very much, since this kind of book ranks so high on my bookshelf.

I would really recommend it as a Saturday read, something to read in the garden, as I did. Something to enjoy with tea, something to fascinate yourself with on a big comfy couch.

It’s just good to read a fairytale every once in a while, it reminds you of all the hopes, dreams and happiness you do retain in your life. I’m not sure why, I suppose that is the greatest magic of a fairytale.

Notes on the Names: They are fairytale names, a little loopy, some really short and spunky, some are really long and complicated to pronounce, Levine did remain consistent with the whimsy vibe and that was fun!

Thoughts on the cover: How is this girl ugly? I love this cover, it’s so fun and unique, something pretty and mythical all in one. The color scheme is the best part, the golds and maroons give the book a majestical appeal, you know you are stepping into a fantastical world for this one!

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Ariel said...

I LOVE Gail Carson Levine :D I have yet to red this one, but I definitely want to!