Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Host, like sorority sisters

The Host

Wanderer, a soul, has taken over the strong and willful body of Melanie, Mel, and she’s not giving in easily, and Wanderer refuses to give up. Together they embark on a journey to find the pieces of Mel’s fractured, and beloved past, but who will be the one to outlast? The Host, or The Soul, The Human, or The Parasite?

My review:

This is a cool book, seriously, if you hate Twilight, pick up this book and learn that when presented with the oppurtunity one author can turn out two completely different books when given the oppurtunity!

I read this one on a vacation and ended up crying on a plane, a very handsome man asking if I was quite alright, “Yes,” I replied, “I just love them so very much,” I said as I held up the book. He gave me that “you’re a wacko” grin. Maybe it’s true, but I love Mel and Wanda like you would love your sisters. I know that this is written by a pop-culture author, but really, if this had been the first book and she flew a bit above the radar without getting Twi-level success, we would all be raving about the brilliant new authoress, with her s’marvelous ideas, and beautiful imagry. Stephenie really does have the power to write relashionship and include the reader in the love story. No matter how popular she is, and how many times we have heard the word Twilight said, we shouldn’t forget her giftedness.

I can’t wait to see the sequels, the action will only get bigger and better, but seriously if Mel, Jared, Wanda or Ian dies I will cry. The only one I could see her killing off is Jeb, so that there is some mayhem that shakes the rebels, and I could see Jamie’s death, since he is like a son to Wanda and Jared, he is Mel’s brother and Ian, well, I want more Ian!

Hmm, team Ian, or team Jared. Wow, do I have to choose?! Um, Jared, I guess, because I’m more like Mel than Wanda.

So, my theories are that Jeb could die, that Jamie could die and that Wanda has a problem “getting over” Jared. I could see any and all of that happening.

Thoughts on the cover: So creepy! I love the eye, but the human (That is still Mel, you know!) looks really plastic, like she could be a barbie, oh well, I still love the cover, even if I was creeped since I first saw it!

Notes on the Names: Stephenie cares about her names. Seriously, they are all perfect for their respective characters, which is all I care about here.

Other notes: When you (if you haven’t, go get it and sit your bum down and read) read the book, did you see Mel and Wanda both walking around together, as if Wanda (did you see her as a blonde?) and Mel (brunette, all the way) were two different enteties conversing. I think that is the way they should film it, anyway. Also, if you are a deep reader and consider every little aspect, would you say that S.M. made a huge and awesome political statement in The Host? I would, I so, so would!


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this book a lot too, much much more than Twilight. SM is great in the imagination department, that's for sure. I believe the sequel is coming out in 2012. :)

Anonymous said...

I love this book so much! I can't wait for the next two!