Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ophelia, my very favorite book

Ophelia by Lisa Klein

In this reimagining of Shakespeare’s famous tragedy it is Ophelia who takes center stage and finally gets her due.

My review:

This is my very favorite book, yes, I’ve picked one and it is this one. Ophelia has been my favorite book since it was released in 2006 and even having read The Hunger Games, which now has the honor of being my favorite series, Ophelia has yet to be dethroned!

There is nothing very specific that I love, the characters were all ready created in the Elizabethan era by The Bard himself, but Klein remained true to their hearts and fleshed them out perfectly! I had always felt that Ophelia’s death was a great masquerade and was happy to know someone else believed as I!

The love story is so awesome, so, so awesome because It has a purity inside the gritty world they live. I love hearing how she grew and became this creature he couldn’t live without. I also really love Horatio for the way he loves her, quietly and kindly.

All the details are superb and the writing clips along, the imagery is fabulous and Klein’s imagination is a wonderful place to revision the world of Denmark.

Thoughts on the cover: I still love this cover, the fact that the model wears no makeup, and yet looks adult is a wonderful effect! The hair is so beautiful, I want something like that on my wedding day!

Notes on the names: Ophelia is one of the most under appreciated Shakespearean names, while names like Olivia, Miranda and Helena are topping the charts. Interesting fact, did you know Shakespeare invented both Olivia and Miranda for his plays? Isn’t that great?!

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