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Anastasia's Secret, her love story, her final days

Anastasia’s Secret by Susanne Dunlap

In the records of the Romanov family you will find what it was like to be the last royal family of Russia. You will read of their tragic, and brutal death, and you will learn of the mystery that surrounds the youngest daughter, Anastasia, whose very name means, “She who will rise again.” This is her story, this is her love story, these are her final days, or what they might have been.

My review:

God bless Susanne Dunlap for giving Anastasia a love story! Yes, we’ve all seen the cartoon, but it is in no way historically accurate. I personally remained unconvinced that the Princess was murdered and have my own story on the backburner. It wouldn’t be YA and I want to get all my YA plots out before I get a little too A and less Y.

Dunlap is effortless at weaving the romantic leanings of a girl who has remained youthful to serve her family, and the historical elements of the Russian revolt together. You’ll never be bored, but you will feel as though you are soaking in history itself while you see the torn country in the eyes of Antasie Romanova.

Sasha is a great character, one that, though he was entirely fiction seems to leap out of time itself and melts effortlessly into the timeline of the final years of Anastasia.

I really loved reading this book, the cover is beautiful, the love story pure and the ending tragic, but true.

Thoughts on the cover: such a great shot, a very clean cover, quite posed, but I couldn’t come up with anything better and the model really does have a regal appearance, without looking gaudy, which was the point, I believe.

Notes on the names: of course, the names come from history itself, and they are beautiful, but I thought the detail of the four sisters using their initials to form “OTMA” was a brilliant detail to include!

Notes: If you want to learn more about the Romanovs visit here-

But be prepared, I tooled around the site for a couple hours, it’s very engrossing!

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