Sunday, August 15, 2010

Price of Admission by Leslie Margolis

Someone has a secret, and it’s about to be Hollywood’s newest blockbuster!
Jasmine Green’s boyfriend has died, his brother, who she has been having an affair with, won’t speak to her. Her brother is cheating with their newest stepmother and Jasmine has been writing about it in her “diary,” written as a rather fetching screenplay. When Austin’s parents look through his belongings and discover the script amongst his things they automatically assume he wrote it, as a work of fiction and Jasmine’s own father Is more than happy to being production immediately, right after he reads it.
With a sleazy tabloid reporter on her tail how will Jasmine salvage her wrecked rep?
I loved this book, I have no idea what so ever why it’s not a more sought-after read, but I am proud to have it on my Mod-Podge Bookshelf.
The plot does sound a bit over-used, but that is sort of the beauty of it, Jasmine’s thoughts on her father’s latest, Harry-Potter meets Twilight movies are a great parallel to her over-dramatic Hollywood Hills lifestyle. Jasmine is a great character; she really acts her age, instead of being on of those teenagers who exist as if they were in their mid-twenties just because of their location. She’s down to Earth in a Head-in-th-Clouds scene.
Her best friend is gay, but not a typical gay guy, you know the one’s I mean, the drama-queen, Hollywood boys who you get sick of reading about because they lack all depth and interest. I would have actually liked to see this character go a little further, I found him appealing.
Cover thoughts: I like it, very Hollywood, very simple, but fresh.
Name thoughts: Jasmine was just the perfect name for the character, as well as Pilar, Pilar was such a visual for how this character held the family up.

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