Monday, August 16, 2010

Bree Tanner was created for a purpose, but even she has been kept in the dark, both literally and figuratively, as to what evil spurrs on the creation of blood-sucking vampires. When Bree meets Diego she finally sees a purpose to her strange existence and is happy to be by his side, even while he surreptitiously watches those around him, waiting for a chance to get the answers some would kill for. We know what happens, how did she get there, who did she meet along the way?
For a novella where you are already aware of what’s going on, and how things will end up, I was surprisingly pleased. I mean, it’s Twilight, right? Why wouldn’t you be happy? ;) I thought the flushed out character of Bree Tanner remained true to the original sketches and the plot structure did not contradict that of Eclipse, instead enhancing the Volturi’s involvement and driving a clear-cut path to the control exercised over a large bunch of blood-thirsty Vamps. If you had questions when you finished Eclipse read Bree Tanner, you’re eyes will be opened to this new world of Twilight and it’s sad characters.
Thoughts on the cover: It matched in with the Twilight covers, yet it had it’s own flair, something distinct from the Bella-centered world.
Thoughts on the names: I really love Bree, I think it’s fitting, as she is under twenty, this seems like a name that would have been given to a child that old. Overall I was not happy with the name selections, Riley and Bree were both such modern, trendy names, and I was really looking for that youth factor, something that set the aged Cullens, Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie ect. apart from the newly created, killer coven.

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