Thursday, April 11, 2013

Get the Guy: Gabrielle Carolina Has A Crush

Hello, Readers! 

So an update on The Cute Boy From the Bookstore. I never saw him again. He must have gotten another job which in a way makes me glad I couldn't get a sensible word out. Who LEAVES a bookstore job? But Matthew Hussey has changed my woes. 

First of all he's obviously crush-worthy, right? Right. So naturally one of those came about. He's also a male-me. I love the way he talks, his hand gestures as he explains a story, how he manages to make everyone laugh calling guys P****es in this video:

What's not to love, right? 

Secondly, his advice is aces, as seen in that video which I sent to my best friend who cringes over those little acts of femininity I revel in. I've been watching him on Youtube since late last year, right when he began announcing all the big, brilliant things about to happen within his brand. 

You may have seen the premiere of NCB'S READY FOR LOVE this week & maybe you live tweeted with me. Who else hemorrhaged hearts and chocolates and bunnies and tummyflies? Matt is one of the matchmakers on that show and now his debut novel, Get the Guy, is flying off shelves! 

Among the many things you'll learn in this book, you'll discover:

- How to find the best men wherever you live so that you no longer have to date guys that are weird or boring. Because who wants them?
- Eight words that instantly build attraction and chemistry with any guy. And I already know them by heart.
- Elegant and 'under the radar' techniques to get the guy you like to notice you. Because society has yet to provide a modern take on the dropped hankie.
- The ultimate attraction formula: 4 things you need to do to get someone attracted for life. None of these four things are four letter words. Stay classy, Readers.
- The simple text you can send to get the attention of a guy who's gone cold and isn't calling you. Boo on him, you're grand.
- The 5 secrets to being the most amazing date he's ever had so that you never go home and wait for a call that never comes. (He'll practically be begging you for the next date!) Begging, Ladies. Begging.
- The ultimate easy-to-apply formula to turn a commitment phobic man into marriage material in just two weeks. Enough time to plan your elopement. 
- And much, much more. MUCH MUCH.

Here's the BEST part. To celebrate the release of his book he's going around the country teaching these techniques to women on his live tour over the next two months. 

Since I have an ‘in’ with Matt’s people, I've secured 30 special guest tickets to his live tour!!!
Best Friend Kelsey & I may be at one of the later stops, so as a bonus you could meet her and I! We'll sign books for you, as well!

Speaking of Girlfriends trying to "Get" their Guys (why do they do the things they do anyway?) watch this:

He's going to be holding his talks in San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, NYC, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Toronto, Chicago, and Dallas. 

And because you're one of my people, you have the opportunity to get one of them. Being part of this amazing offer is really easy:

Just grab a PRINT copy of Matt's book from Amazon/Books Depository/Barnes&Noble etc. That's it : ) 
(Kindle/ebook orders won't count towards getting your free tour ticket, so make sure it's the print edition you order.)

Once you've made your purchase, email your receipt to me at and we'll get your place confirmed. 

The first FIVE who do this get a bonus from me! Did someone say free books and swag and other SEKRIT delights?!

And as extra, extra, extra incentive you should look into Matthew's White Handkerchief sweepstakes (love the name) if for no other reason than he filmed three separate videos to tell us about the different sweepstakes. Watch them all! 

I can't wait to hear what you think- sound off in the comments below! Mostly about how you now have a crush on him too.

A little birdie has informed me he's pretty close to being on the Bestseller's lists, so let's be a part of that and all Pre-order, yeah?


Kelsey said...

Next time someone opens a door for me, I'll be all, "Why, thank you." You know, instead of, "F*** off, you sexist freak!" ;) See, learned something today. Thanks Matt.

Pabkins said...

haha you're too funny - now I must read the cute guy in the bookstore post! rushing there now